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The one and only Tween celebrity entertainment reporter Piper Reese sits down with Francia Raisa!!!! It's Piper on the red carpet with Dylan and Cole Sprouse! World famous tween celebrity interviewer extraordinaire Piper Reese sits down with the i Nc Re Di Bl Y talented (and super nice guy) Tyler Alexander Mann! NOt only that...there's a super-kewl 3rd i Carly star (and a special friend of ours) is in this episode too! Yeah baby, Piper got to talk with Anna Sophia straight off... It's all about "200 Under 200", Vitatops and....i Carly!?!? The one & only tween entertainment reporter & red carpet interviewer Piper Reese talks Camp Rock 2 with Chloe the D&L... Celebrity super-tween interviewer, entertainment reporter (and planet's youngest podcaster) Piper Reese pulls an interview out of the Piper-vault! The one and only tween mega-kewl celebrity interviewer and entertainment reporter Piper Reese catches up with the up and coming, ultra-pretty and incredibly-talented pop/country recording artist and actress Celeste Kellogg!! Check out chat when the Planet's Youngest Podcaster starts... Ashley is 100% super-nice and friends with another one of... World famous tween reporter Piper Reese is on the i Carly set with Jennette Mc Curdy AND Nathan Kress! The planet's youngest podcaster meets up with TV's kewlest podcast and sits down with... He's the super-talented star from "Phineas and Ferb" and "Everybody Hates Chris" (and a super-nice guy)! Too Kewl Top Tween Reporter Extraordinaire PIPER REESE is back on the scene with an EXCLUSIVE sit down with one of Hollywood's BIGGEST young stars of the silver screen, ANNASOPHIA ROBB!!!! Allisyn spills the beans on Demi, Tiffany, "So Random", "Mackenzie Falls" and MORE! Tween Entertainment Reporter Piper Reese takes on HUNGRY-GIRL in a SPECIAL REPORT with Lisa Lillien herself!

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We JUST got back from a special press screening at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank! Seeing so many women creators get together was To Ta LLy Aw Es Om E (Pi Pe Ri Fi C, one... We caught up with Brooke at Nickelodeon Studios recently and covered..…like…everything! This episode is a dedication to the very sweet kids from Bratayley. Any real life romance happening on the GIRL MEETS WORLD... We’re on the orange carpet at the 2015 Nickelodeon KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS with KIRA KOSARIN and ADDISON RIECKE!! Princess of the Press™ Piper Reese infiltrates the Henry Danger set, uncovers secrets and ends up in a Me Ga-Pi Pe Ri Fi C interview with none other than Captain Man himself... Don't miss the interview with Jace Norman from the set! None other than the super-awesome STEVE CARELL talks with Princess of the Press™ PIPER REESE about his new movie, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and Universal Studio’s new Despicable Me Minions ride - not in... PIPER REESE sneaks onto the set of Nickelodeon's THE THUNDERMANS?! So, PIPER's PICKS has been in virtual contact with SABRINA CARPENTER since all the way back in 2010 about music. She is sooooo sweet, cute and Pi Pe Ri FIC that we've pulled ALL of our... Well, the PRINCESS OF THE PRESS finally caught up with the Pi Pe Ri Fi C Izzy from JAKE and the NEVER LAND PIRATES on the TEAL carpet at the... Hollywood's Youngest Professional Entertainment Reporter PIPER REESE interviews SPY KIDS MASON COOK and ROWAN BLANCHARD from SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD in 4D!! The Princess of the Press talks with the amazing JIM CUMMINGS (voice of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Fuzzy Lumpkins.. This could be the most mega-Pi Pe Ri Fi C interview in the 104 episode history of Piper's Picks TV and Piper's QUICK Picks!! The PRINCESS OF THE PRESS interviews CODY SIMPSON!!! The Planet's one and only professional TWEEN entertainment reporter, red carpet interviewer, double-show host and To Ta L Ta Lk-a-Ho Li C...

Tween entertainment reporter Piper Reese brings kids and young adults the latest celebrity interviews, theme parks, restaurants, toys..just about anything else kids, tweens & teens are into! The "Planet's Youngest Podcaster" is always G rated! We’re talking TIME DILATION and The Little Mermaid in one video!? This is actually my real-life entry for the #Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2017 (in partnership with Khan Academy)! The world may never know) and update you guys on the upcoming seasons of Henry Danger and Game Shakers! I was sooooo excited to meet Leigh-Allyn Baker at the Los... After a week off for my Green Day American Idiot performance (I played the feisty teen Heather), we’re back with the follow-up to our Disney Channel Mech-X4 interview from a few weeks ago with show creator Steve Marmel (ya didn’t.. We’re back on set at Game Shakers and getting some serious answers to serious questions…from the BOYS this time! (aka Lil’ P-Nut) are Me Ga-Aw Es Ome E…seriously, really funny guys and... The timing is To Ta LLy Aw Es Om E because Piper is currently working... I’ve done over 750 interviews, but this is the very first with FOREVER IN YOUR MIND! Piper is on set with Ricard Hurtado (aka Ricky Hurtado - plays Freddy), Aidan Miner (Lawrence) and Lance Lim (Zack) from Nickelodeon’s School of Rock! Since girls rock best, we’re starting with the Pi Pe Ri Fi C ladies of the show, Jade Pettyjohn and Breanna Yde (aka Summer and... We haven’t released andy Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn cast interviews!? No matter HOW many questions I ask CAMERON BOYCE about girls, dating, and…even that other thing…ACTING on a Hu Mo Ng Oi D Disney Channel show, you always want me to ask Cameron more about dating and what he likes in girls! The Princess of the Press™ gets the details on the show’s resident feminist, Sophie Delarosa.... I haven’t seen Peyton List in like forever and a day! First, we have a quick interview with Callan Potter, Esther Zynn, Celina Martin & Taylor Adams from Nickelodeon’s new show The Other Kingdom…then we’ve got an in-depth interview with Callan and Esther... Corey Fogelmanis has grown so much since the first time we interviewed him! SO, we’ve put together some of our UNSEEN interviews with G HANNELIUS, FRANCISCO CAPALDI and BLAKE MICHAEL!

We’ve got Riele Downs and Cree Cicchino here to tell YOU what their plans were for Valentines Day (was Jace Norman involved? So, we were looking through some footage from this past year and remembered that we were saving this Me Ga-Awe So Me interview with my favorite TV Mom, Amy Duncan! From what we know, this is the FIRST EVER On Set Interview with ARIANA at the Nick on Sunset in Hollywood (where the show was... The Princess of the Press meets up MARK BALLAS not only from Dancing with the Stars, but now Frankie in the Hu Mo Ng Oi D Broadway musical JERSEY BOYS! We’re going behind the scenes, back to school, and onto the set of Nickelodeon’s long awaited School of Rock! We’re unleashing a Me Ga-Aw Es Om E Double-interview with the one and only LILIMAR from Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs! You guys have been asking for the DOG with a BLOG cast for like…forever! Of course, what else would you expect from DEMI LOVATO’s little sister!?

RIGHT NOW starting with ALONG CAME A SPIDER cast members JONATHAN MORGAN HEIT and C. ) from DISNEY's AUSTIN & ALLY at the world premiere of FINDING NEMO 3D. AND it's our 100th episode in the Piper's QUICK Picks series... , we knew the time arrived to show how PIPER REESE got started on the red carpet! PIPER REESE caught up with WILLOW SHIELDS at the big POPSTAR! Bi Zz Ar Oi D factoid: Piper didn't really know what THE HUNGER GAMES was at the time! If you've been with us for the past 4 years, you KNOW how To Ta LLy Pi Pe Ri Fi C JENNETTE Mc CURDY from i Carly is and how Mega-special she is to Piper's Picks TV!! The tween entertainment reporter PIPER REESE must have been interviewing someone else when TIA MOWRY walked by...left the red carpet for a few minutes to catch up with Tia! We've been tellin' you guys about this Su Pe R Pi Pe Ri Fi C behind the scenes Vi P lounge footage from the Nickelodeon KCA after party!!! Tween entertainment reporter extraordinaire PIPER REESE catches up with ALLISYN ASHLEY ARM from SONNY WITH A CHANCE for D&L on SO RANDOM!!!!

We're talking Halloween specials, Peyton's upcoming Lifetime movie A Sister's Nightmare, Skai's Hallmark Channel movie The Watsons Go to... We're kicking off a mini-series of DEADTIME STORIES cast interviews RIGHT HERE... EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Deadtime Stories creator:... It's GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY..creator of DEXTER'S LABORATORY and director of one of our favorite animated movies EVER, HOTEL... It's been 76 episodes since we caught up with BAILEE MADISON! BAILEE talks with PIPER REESE about PARENTAL GUIDANCE, wrapping up WIZARDS of WAVERLY PLACE and STARLIGHT FOUNDATION! Are TRISH and DEZ the romance LAURA was talking about? The PRINCESS of the PRESS™ finally catches up LAURA MARANO (YAYYY! SNYDER, and ALEX JONES Talk to the PRINCESS of the PRESS, PIPER REESE, about their huge DISNEY XD martial arts comedy "Kickin' It" (with JASON EARLES - yup, from HANNAH MONTANA). PIPER REESE sits down with the beautiful and mega-sweet ODEYA RUSH from DISNEY's THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN! It's a NEW PIPER'S PICKS EXCLUSIVE with one of PIPER'S favorites ever, SELENA GOMEZ... The Planet's One and Only Tween Entertainment Reporter PIPER... It's CODY SIMPSON AND his beautiful sister (who just wrapped up filming her first movie) ALLI SIMPSON!! PIPER REESE meets up with two To Ta LLy Pi Pe Ri Fi C Australians who are taking the USA by storm!! When we realized that legendary director JOEL ZWICK has been directing Shake It Up! Twitches is one of Piper's FAVORITE movies of ALL TIME!!!! It's the one & only tween entertainment reporter PIPER REESE catching up with the BEAUTIFUL RYAN NEWMAN at the Young Artist Awards!!!!

Turns out that Peyton and Spencer are BIG Nintendo and Kirby fans! Straight off your requests for an interview with JENNA ORTEGA from Disney’s brand new show, Stuck in the Middle, we’re here launching a double interview with JENNA and her on-screen brother ISAAK PRESLEY! She is sooooo sweet, smart, pretty, and everything else Me Ga-Aw Es Om E I can think of! Landry Bender and Lauren Taylor (also known as Cyd and Shelby), the prettier half of the Best Friends Whenever cast, talk with the Princess of the Press™ about the show, the boys, and more! Finally, we did an interview at this years KCAs…and even got to Shake It Off with a short Taylor... We caught up with JACK GRIFFO on the orange carpet at the 2016 #KCA Awards! Jack tells me if he think he’s a better boyfriend than Max Thunderman!

Well, we’ve got one of the very first interviews ever with D. We hung out with Madisyn and Cree (aka Kenzie and Babe) at the Nickelodeon Ho Ho Holiday party last month at Paramount Studios! When Parker trolls his friend Sophie’s Minecraft world (or maybe griefs it…the details are kinda sketchy), there’s only one sweet solution: it’s a super How To life-hack cotton candy mod! We’re open to comments on our other episodes, but please only post... What’s the deal with the BIG THUNDERMANS Season Finale? HENRY DANGER fans (especially girls) have been asking about JACE NORMAN since we launched the episode with CAPTAIN MAN (COOPER BARNES)! The Princess of the Press™ PIPER REESE sits down ON SET with the super-cute JACE... It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with ZENDAYA! The Planet's One and Only Tween Entertainment Reporter finally caught back up with ASHLEY ARGOTA over the summer and talked about the EPIC ADVENTURES OF... Somehow, ROBBIE KAY slipped by the PRINCESS of the PRESS at the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES: ON STRANGER TIDES World Premiere! Tween Entertainment Reporter PIPER REESE went to the launch of DISNEY'S Make Your Mark Ultimate Dance Off: Shake It Up Edition! ..just HOW did the PIPER and SHANE end up in the same place at the same time...hmmmmmm.... The Planet's Youngest Professional Entertainment Reporter recently went to PRESS DAY for SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD in 4D!! The Princess of the Press is kickin' it off with the kewlest guy on the show, BRANDON SMITH aka BRANDON MYCHAL SMITH aka NICO! The pace has picked up on the Piper's QUICK Picks™ series and now we're getting back to the full length one that started it all - the original Piper's Picks® TV series is BACK, baby! This is the PIPER's FIRST interview BELLA since "SHAKE IT UP! BELLA is always s Up Er AWESOME to have on the show! The Planet's youngest podcaster, red carpet interviewer, entertainment reporter, talk-a-holic, show host, blah blah FINALLY met CHELSEA KANE (YES, f.k.a. PIPER'S been been wanting to meet CHELSEA for a long time! We've NEVER been to a premiere AT like this!!! We still are not exactly sure how it happened and feel like we're in some surreal Pi Pe Ri Fi C Fantasyland! You have NO idea how many times times Piper has seen "Casper Meets Wendy", listened to "With Love" or watched "Lizzie Mc Guire" reruns!

We are so excited to share a super-exclusive interview with the incredible director behind the the blockbuster Disney High School Musical series and the NEW Disney Channel Original Movie, Disney’s Descendants! PIPER REESE interviewed (and even sang with) Chinese Super Girl winner & celebrity pop star 張靚穎 or, as we know her in the USA, JANE ZHANG aka Zhang Liangying! I had a Me Ga-Aw Es Om E time meeting ISABELA MONER! We got together at Nickelodeon Animation Studios to talk about 100 Things To Do Before High School and got into all kinds of awesome stuff that we have in... For the first time in forever (figuratively) the PIPER REESE is on the orange carpet with BREC BASSINGER from Nickelodeon’s BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS and her Bulldog teammates RIO MANGINI, BUDDY HANDLESON, COY... Y’all wanted another CAMERON BOYCE Piper’s Picks TV episode? So this is the MOST Bi Zz Ar Oi D location we've EVER been to for an event! Well, when SELENA GOMEZ said there would be a surprise at the Hollywood HOUSE OF BLUES UNICEF benefit concert, we had NO idea that BIG TIME RUSH was the... We held this one back for two reasons...1) the DVD release and 2) because... JOEL Mc HALE meets the Princess of the Press™ in the ultimate battle of the hosts! aka THE GIRL WHO TALKS TOO MUCH..THAT AMERICAN GIRL WHO INTERVIEWS PEOPLE) talks with a WHOLE LOTTA Pi Pe Ri Fi C people from Disney... This was To Ta LLy Pi Pe Ri Fi C (you knew that was coming)! (PQP #063)The Planet's one and only TWEEN entertainment reporter caught up with ALYSON STONER at one of the COOLEST premierse on the HOTTEST day we've had all summer!!! DAN POVENMIRE and SWAMPY MARSH INTERVIEW PHINEAS AND FERB Premiere (plus DJANGO MARSH) w PIPER!! When PIPER REESE first interviewed DAN and SWAMPY at the beginning of 2009, they had JUST moved over to Disney and had just received the... We haven't posted an interview with RYAN OCHOA since before "PAIR OF KINGS" launched! KALEY CUOCO from "BIG BANG THEORY" interviews with the PLANET'S kewlest podcaster & show hostess..TWEEN entertainment reporter herself... This was filmed a WHILE back when Tween Entertainment Reporter PIPER REESE visited the i CARLY set at NICK ON... The Planet's one and only Tween Entertainment Reporter & Podcaster Piper Reese caught up with MITCHEL MUSSO (YOU KNOW!

We’re on set and talking with none other the retired e Gamer himself, Conner, or as you know him, Cameron Boyce! We’ve got one more episode from the big TERMINATOR GENISYS premiere! It’s the NEW Netflix exclusive series that takes place right between How to Train Your... We’re SOOOOO mega-excited to bring you a super-packed interview with one of the greatest athletes of our time, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! The Princess of the Press™ chats (and SINGS) with 2 of the stars from the show, CHARLIE STORWICK (ladies first) and KOLTON... Believe it or not, there are movies and events here all the time! Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppets are back. THAT..PRE-"Jessie..."Suite LIfe on Deck" days (with Dylan and Cole Sprouse)"! It's SAVANNAH OUTEN…and not in some random location…SAVANNAH is our first full sit-down episode completely filmed on location at PIPER'S PICKS PLANETARY HEADQUARTERS! You guys have been asking for years for a BIG TIME RUSH interview with PIPER REESE for YEARS!! ) PIPER REESE in Hollywood on the PHINEAS AND FERB: ACROSS THE 2ND DIMENSION red carpet (well,... It's PIPER'S 6th & final interview from SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD! The Princess of the Press™ brings you a super-mega-sweet up... 's THE SOUP and huge NBC comedy series COMMUNITY, JOEL Mc HALE, sits down with the planet's youngest... The Princess of the Press meets up with the one of the prettiest stars of the silver screen! JESSICA ALBA sits down with the one and only Tween Entertainment Reporter PIPER REESE to talk about SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD in.. PIPER REESE (aka PRINCESS OF THE PRESS™..THE PLANET'S YOUNGEST ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER... ALYSON STONER Twitter & INTERVIEW at Phineas and Ferb w PIPER REESE! DIARY of a WIMPY KID 2 INTERVIEW Zachary Gordon Peyton List Karan Brar Laine Mac Neil and Robert Capron! A NEW MOVIE is launching a few days from this episode...we've gotta put a few interviews together! THIS has GOT to be the most LONG awaited, FUNNY, BIZARRE, Pi Pe Ri Fi C Piper's Picks® episode in the history of Piper's Picks TV!!

Piper Reese, Kenny Ridwan, Troy Glass, Jarid Root, Josh Erenberg, Morgan Lily, Brielle Barbusca, Gus Kamp and... Laura Marano talking, singing "Don't Look Down", and mayyyyybe spilling the beans on the Austin & Ally dating situation! TY talks about working with Robert Downey Jr., Saving IRON MAN, some of his other awesome projects (like INSIDIOUS), and even answers some of PIPER's... ASHLEY & SIMON REX sit down with PIPER REESE to talk SCARY MOVIE 5!! The one and only, world famous tween entertainment reporter & Princess of the Press met up with the amazing, super-kewlio and talented BROOKE WHITE a few months back at the Allykatzz Town Hall...

It's the biggest Deadtime Stories cast this season (and the most guests we've had on a single episode in over five years)! NOT tell you how Me Ga-Ex Ci Te D-Ma Jo R I am about meeting and singing with ELFABA HERSELF... IDINA MENZEL is soooooooo incredibly sweet and yes, beyond To Ta LLy Pi Pe Ri Fi C! The Princess of the Press™ catches up with one of her favorite people on the MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Blue Carpet! BOTH ARMIE HAMMER and CORBN BLEU in one To Ta LLY Pi Pe RDe Li C episode! We've got SOOOOO much to share with you, starting off BIG TIME with producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER, executive producer CHAD OMAN and SAGINAW GRANT! MEGAN just released her new original single "Summer Forever" and it's To Ta LLy Pi Pe Ri Fi C! The PRINCESS of the PRESS™ PIPER REESE sits down with IRON MAN's Right Hand Boy TY SIMPKINS! The one and only tween entertainment reporter, red carpet interviewer, and planet's youngest podcaster Piper Reese was super-excited to run into Romi Dames at Natalie's party!

We're bringing together 2 of the most talented people from the 2 opposite ends of our world - the Internet and Hollywood. We're SOOOO To Ta LLy excited to finally bring you the most requested in review we've had in years!! These two Me Ga-Pi Pe Ri Fi C ladies talked with PRINCESS of the PRESS™ PIPER REESE at the DELIVER MAN world premiere in Hollywood about Delivery Man... VINCE VAUGHN's short Interview with PRINCESS of the PRESS™ PIPER REESE turns into MEGA-Me Ga By Te S of Pi Pe Ri Fi C info! The Princess of the Press sits down (in nice chairs with wheels) with JENNIFER STONE from WIZARDS of WAVERLY PLACE and.. It's DOVE CAMERON from DISNEY's To Ta LLy Pi Pe Ri Fi C new (and oddly familiar) new show LIV and MADDIE! THE LONE RANGER in Disneyland and Disney's PLANES Premiere in Hollywood! The Princess of the Press™ delves deeper into DEADTIME STORIES with super secrets from the creepy episode INVASION OF THE APPLEHEADS featuring no-so-creepy cast members Jaidan Jiron (yes, she... We've been hoping to interview KATHRYN BEAUMONT since starting Piper's Picks TV! It's the most mega-Hu Mo Ng Oid-major episode from PIPER'S PICKS® TV in our 4.5 year history! Princess of the Press™ PIPER REESE caught up with SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS' human alter-ego / POWERPUFF GIRLS MAYOR TOM KENNY recently while he was... PIPER got a chance to sit down NOT ONLY with RAINI RODRIGUEZ, but with CIERRA RAMIREZ too!!!! While organizing pics we took at Disney Studios, we ran across a typo in MAJOR prop from one of our MOST favorite Disney classic movies of all time! Piper Reese catches up with the beautiful star of DISNEY'S upcoming "A. OK - so, if you don't know Jordan, Ava or Casandra... Before those adult reporter-people even knew VICTORIOUS existed, the one & ONLY tween entertainment reporter, red carpet...

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