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But you need to monitor any international investments driven by currency and inflation factors, and make sure you have: 1) a stop loss in place and 2) an exit strategy.

[Bridget] Honestly, you forget just one teeny, weeny detail and everyone treats you like an idiot. [Minnie Ripperton: Loving You] [Bridget] Who cares about the odd professional hiccup? Not a fuckwit, alcoholic, workaholic, pervert or megalomaniac, but total sex god and human rights lawyer.

[Director] Pull the thingy or you will diel [screams] Oh. The question is: What happens after you walk off into the sunset? - [Pigs snort] - [Bridget yelps] - [Squelching] - Give me a close-up of the porker.

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Investments in foreign currencies can be a smart hedge. 1) New Zealand: New Zealand is a developed market with a generally style government and strong free-market credentials.

But there may still be triple-digit gains in store for investors with strong stomachs and a high appetite for risk.

Some of these six plays are riskier than others right now.

It also has a banking system that is one of the strongest in the world.

3) Australia: Australia is another resource-rich nation, with tons of coal, iron ore, uranium, nickel and gold.

And, with growth rates on track for between 13% and 15% this year and the Singaporean central bank keeping a sharp eye on inflation, this out-performance is set to continue. This means a cheap dollar results in a cheap Hong Kong dollar – a situation that could send Hong Kong into a massive boom.

6) Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s currency is actually pegged to the U. Of course, this could also lead to an eventual bubble, a risk some analysts also predict for neighboring market behemoth, China.

2) Canada: Canada is also in good shape to weather the financial storm.