Lunch actually dating agency singapore

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Lunch Actually set up its first office in Singapore in 2004.

After the date is over, the dating consultant will also do a follow up with both parties to understand how the date went and whether it met their expectations.

If the consultant feels that the single is not genuine in looking for a long-term relationship, or that there is not enough candidates in the database who fit into the single's dating criteria, she will not sign the single on as a member.

All members also go through a mandatory background check, which includes verification of single status, income, et cetera.

Looking for places like this, so if you see any, heard from friends, whatever, anything at all, just post a reply. They could taichi you and say girl busy arr this and that, thats a possibility.

Back to my questions, does anyone know of any other paid agency like this?

In 2012, Lunch Actually set up its second Malaysian branch in Penang.

In 2014, they expanded to Jakarta, Indonesia, Lunch Actually is a modern matchmaking service, whereby members get matched to other members within the database by dating consultants.

If you have a recommendation for a company with even better professional conduct, I would love to hear .

Depends on someone definition of 'lousy date'.

Lunch Actually is the largest dating agency in South East Asia, with branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.

The company was started by co-founders Violet Lim and Jamie Lee in 2004 in Singapore.

if no, either the matching service is not working or their match schedule got problem..imagine you pay a premium price but in the end, you get a lousy date.. Depends on someone definition of 'lousy date'.