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I enjoy workn out as iam ttyn to get myself in shape, and live a heatlther life I love love to paint (crap at portraits, wish I wasn´t) but good at still life!

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Now looking for new friendships and hopefully a new special woman in my life.

im quite shy until i get to know someone and feel comfortable in their company. I like playing pool (badly), driving, animals I have finally decided to be true to myself and not what others expect of me. Someone who can make me laugh and show me what I have been missing. I´m currently seeking to get into college for maybe photography. Just missing that special someone to I'd say I'm a pretty ordinary person, who likes most things that are good - the more culture the better!

I have no "type" of woman just Hi I am about 5"5 average build. In particular I love music, and play in a band called The Hermitage.

My likes people who are Looking for someone attractive and fun.

I am outgoing and fun with a great sense of humour, can be the life and soul as equally as i can sit back and watch the fun.

Happy to meet friends initially but open to something more if the I´m pretty outgoing and zesty, with a real passion for life and a filthy sense of humour.

I don´t take life too seriously and enjoy seeing what it´s going to throw up next.Like to go out or stay in, going for wee run dont dislike much apart from writing about myself believe in face to face always can tell if someone or something is right the eyes are the windows to the soul lol! I love to listen to it (im rarely seen without my ipod), i love to make up little tunes in my head ( weird i know but endearing i think) and one day i´ll love I am a no labels woman, I enjoy most things in life, such as reading, going for walks, I love smiles which i find very attractive in a woman.My dislikes people who lie and cheat, hate players.I love cinema and think Im a bit of a movie buff...Im talkative,sociable and like a dash of anthropology.Have recently acquired the travelling bug and would love to Hate being bored, love excitement. Love music and going to gigs have a wide and varied taste in music.