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In another gallery, Lauder stepped into a reconstructed —a girl’s room, from 1904, with a twin bed, a dresser, and a vanity—and adjusted a curtain hanging from a closet rail, to the mock dismay of the museum’s director, Renée Price, who was accompanying him on his tour.

She touchingly ended her emotional Facebook post after sheloshim with Bono’s lyrics: “There is no end to grief . Predictably, it’s the social media trolls who are the worst offenders.

” Somehow, I don’t remember the same kind of fuss when billionaire chairman emeritus of Estée Lauder Leonard Lauder, 79, stepped out with the much-younger Linda E.

Johnson in 2012 just less than 12 months after his wife Evelyn’s death.

They want his “selfish” widow to remain in mourning dress for years to come.

For some, by choosing “life and meaning,” this pioneering captain of industry hasn’t worn black long enough.

When he gesticulates, as he does to express the enthusiasm that his subdued demeanor might otherwise fail to convey, the movement is all below the elbow, like that of a reluctant swimmer splashing waist deep in cold water.

The current object of Lauder’s greatest enthusiasm, and the most glittering jewel in his museum, is on the second floor: “Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” by Gustav Klimt.

She also initiated the much-mocked “Ban Bossy” campaign, which promotes leadership among young girls.

But Sandberg, as she publicly admitted, was only able to achieve all this because of Goldberg — and that seems to be the reason many can’t forgive her for her new affair.

“Well, maybe not by limousine riders,” Price conceded.

Lauder, who is the younger son of the late Estée Lauder and is estimated to be worth .7 billion, is sixty-two years old.

His eyes are heavy-lidded and lugubrious, his voice low and unmodulated, his smile cautious.

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