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There have been reports for the past week about agreements between Korea and China about THAAD and there is going to be further talks between the two sides from now on to reach a full agreement.With this news it was announced that the ban on Korean celebrities activities in China being lifted.

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After she graduated from Burwood Girls High School, she returned to Korea in 2001 to pursue an acting career.

Since the ban was never official so it was hard to judge if this all just talk like some reports earlier this year or it is real this time unless something truly happens on the ground that proves it is and that it would affect positively on ” which was put off indefinitely after it was done filming in Auguest last year.

Today we finally got a report stating that the drama is expected to air next year and that the production team is gearing up for some promotion.

😭 From her messages with friends on this post, I think this was taken in a hotel in Busan (might be wrong though) and also can’t be sure of when this was but it is great to see her smiling happily 🙂 On another news, As always I didn’t keep track of the date to celebrate the blog anniversary on the 9th of August and when I realized it, I honestly thought of not doing any special post about that like last year since again I don’t have much to say and don’t feel that I accomplished that much this year as I keep offering less creative posts which is something I am not happy about 😦 But then I came across this ranking of top 75 Korean Drama Blogs done by Feedspot by chance a couple of days ago and found my little blog there ranked 36 in the list and what is more impressive is that it is the only blog there that is actually dedicated to only one actress/actor!!!!

I am really honored and have to thank all the readers and fans who are following, reading and sharing posts of this blog and are the reason for this ranking and I wish I can come out of this writing slump and do more valuable posts in the near future.

It is a long travel from since she traveled yesterday, then reaching to Amsterdam and from there to Sierra Leone.

This news comes as a surprise since she remains to be low key for the past few months but it makes me quite happy and proud to see her doing a charity and volunteer work outside of Asia and on a more global scale, it has been always been one of my wishes.Hope you do enjoy it ^^ Se7en whose real name is “Choi Dong Wook” debuted in Korea in 2003 as a solo singer under YG entertainment after 4 years of being a trainee. When I first saw him performing, I thought he has similar styles in dancing with Rain who I did know before him and I think media do compare the two a lot.I knew later that both graduated from the same school and even danced together (or challenged each other in dancing) back then and they still friends till now.Since she said “” in her message above, so who knows maybe we will get to see our girl doing more volunteer missions from now on.Finally, I appreciate how subtle and beautiful our girl’s updates were from there so check them out below ^^ Continue reading .She is the first Korean actress to speak her lines in Mandarin, displaying her linguistic skills in the Chinese version of Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace).

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