Lauren conrad dating justin bobby

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Lauren conrad dating justin bobby

The hair guru even created a product line called Brush Your Hair, which, judging from the looks of J.

He also got engaged to his long-time love, Kaitlynn Carter in May. Now: It turns out, Justin Bobby, we hardly knew ye.

Of course we couldn't forget when her former roommate, Heidi Montag morphed into her worst enemy, and Lauren gave us the words we utter when an ex texts us out of the blue just to eff everything up, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you."Now: Since leaving the show in its fifth season, Lauren has published several books including her recent party guide, .

And got married to William Tell in 2014 — in a wedding that we're sure was Pinned the world over.

My second thought is if she's OK, because she's been a longtime friend.

While loyal fans loved getting an update from Lauren Conrad during MTV's 10-year anniversary special for "The Hills," one of her castmates isn't too fond of her.

"You get a young girl like that, who has been on TV since she was 18, and her whole life’s exposed — how do you get an actual normal person at that point?

You don’t get someone who’s down-to-earth and someone who’s loving and caring.

The two celebrated their news with an intimate engagement celebration at ROKU, which Speidi attended. Justin's last name is Brescia, and since leaving the show, he's opened a few hair salons named Brush Your Hair and started a line of the same name.

Then: Stephanie still had a little bit of growing up to do. She also had to deal with her brother Spencer, who wasn't always the nicest. He also plays in a band called Bobbyrock that you might be able to see on tour this summer.

Don't be fooled he told , "We didn't come together, we didn't leave together, she came in her Mercedes and left in her Mercedes and I just came to work."Snap!

There you have it, Justin Bobby was a good guy all along. We uncovered four more reasons it's cool to be #Team Justin Bobby. As heartbreaking as this information is, it's good to know because it means Justin was never really the heartbreaker we were lead to believe.

ago — seriously, we can't even believe it — on May 31, we crowded around our televisions (because let's be honest, who really had DVR at that point), fumbled with the remote, and quickly turned the channel to MTV for the premiere of .

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