Kristen stewart and robert pattinson dating for publicity

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Kristen stewart and robert pattinson dating for publicity - dating games like arianeb

Congratulations may well be in order for Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs.

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Kristen Stewart's romance with model Stella Maxwell is being claimed as a mere publicity stunt, according to latest reports.At least not in the way Summit Entertainment’s publicity machine led on “Twilight” fans.“Twilight” was about eternal love between outcast vampire Edward Cullen and everyday school girl Bella Swan.However, the two have reconciled but broke up for the second time again and fans are claiming that eventually they would get back to each other's arms.There are rumors even that the two will reunite for another "Twilight" movie amidst report that it will not really happen because of some factors.The actress is just using the Victoria's Secret model to get even with her ex, Robert Pattinson.

Reports are escalating that K-Stew's relationship with Maxwell is fake as the actress has a personal reason why she's dating the stunning model.

And Kristen makes a point to emphasize that her going public with her relationships today has nothing to do with a moment of "Now I’ve realized who I am!

" but rather a realization of an opportunity to let fans and critics alike possibly see themselves and their lives reflected back through her and her own relationships.

"He's glad to only have to be in charge of himself…

Throughout the relationship, however, she kept relatively mum about her personal life.

I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity and peddled around the world." But as she's gotten older — and experienced firsthand more of the positive and negative sides to superstar levels of fame — she has realized that relationship struggles are a universal experience, and they affect "a greater number of people than just me.

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