Kim cattrall who is she dating

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Kim cattrall who is she dating

That he happens to be 23 years younger than the 51-year-old Cattrall seems like a strange life-reflecting-art turn of events.

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"From my point of view, it's a terrible tale of love and loss and how, as a mother, you might cope with the death of your only son.

She has been attempting The New York Times cryptic crossword.

"I could never do the Telegraph's," she admits, "there'd be too many British cultural references that I wouldn't get.

Since playing the vampish PR executive Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall has been seen as a kind of high priestess for the sexy, older woman.

Throughout the series, which celebrated sexuality and the sisterhood in equal measure, Cattrall's character was on an expedition to the outer reaches of her own libido.

It's also a story about the utter pointlessness of war," says Cattrall.

Once hair and make-up had done their work, Cattrall's resemblance to the character she played was almost spooky: "Carrie's look was severe and unadorned – the reverse of someone like Samantha. When I first saw the stills it took a little adjustment on my part because I haven't seen that face before. But if you want an interesting career as an actress you need to be able to leave your vanity at the door."Luckily for her, Cattrall doesn't look her age even when she is trying to. "I prefer to think it's possible to be like Helen Mirren or Judi Dench, who look great but also look like women of their age.Marriage number three to musician and hi-fi designer Mark Levinson in 1994 was more promising – she says he was the first man truly to satisfy her. But I like the way things are at the moment and I have no desire to change them."She acknowledges that she has missed the boat when it comes to children.But the couple separated in 2004 with Cattrall claiming that Levinson's sexual demands had become burdensome and that she'd begun to feel more like a sex object than a wife. "I'm always reading that Alan and I are engaged, but that's tosh. "Not having them was never a conscious decision," she says.But once we'd hammered out that problem out I was more than happy to get back into Samantha's skin.I have nothing but affection for that character."Indebted as she is to Samantha's sassiness and strength, she is pleased to have proved that there is more to her as an actress than just Samantha Jones.Forget it, those days are done.' But now Samantha is about to turn 50 and I'm already there myself.

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