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Nothing occurs, but then the board begins glowing with tiny colorful lights, and the pieces seem to rise on a spinning platform in an intricate holographic effect, before returning to normal.

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With Cory living at Pennbrook, he rarely interacted with his newborn brother.

However, Joshua was present when Amy and Alan Matthews hosted a get together with their future in-laws, Jedidiah and Rhiannon Lawrence.

The reunion of former neighbors became a disaster, not due to any of baby Joshua's actions, but rather the revelation of the marital problems between Topanga's parents ("State of the Unions").

It's the holiday season, and Cory and his family are hosting the Matthews Christmas dinner for the first time.

While Cory is most enthused by the promised return of his best friend, Shawn Hunter, he is also quite happy to welcome his parents, and his younger brother, Joshua--or rather--Josh, as the teen currently prefers to be called, to their New York City home.

Upon his arrival, Josh is instantly greeted by his nephew, Auggie, and hoists him upon his shoulders.

Cory greets his sibling, and, as usual, marvels at the fact that they are brothers.

Seeking to unify the group, Riley instead of winning the game, decides they all should experience for the very first time, the long game option.

Early the next morning, the game is still ongoing, but all Auggie needs to finish the game it to roll a two, but Ava just puts their piece on the final spot, and hits the button to end the game.

When Cory loses his daughter card to a spot belonging to Farkle and Lucas, he calls for Josh to adjudicate, but Josh sides against his brother.

When Lucas attempts to claim the card, Cory refuses to let go, resulting in the card being torn in two.

This leaves Maya with her choice of Matthews brother, but Josh, who has been made leery by Maya's obsessive behavior, instead opts to act as the Game Night Host.

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