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He guessed he is one of roughly 20 people in Sioux Falls who are Orthodox.The Sioux Falls business owner said he helped pioneer an effort to get kosher meats at the Hy-Vee on 49th Street and Louise Avenue.

Zion, but Oppenheimer said he will be a valuable addition to the community. Zion services will continue to be led by lay people and by students who visit from an Ohio-based school, Oppenheimer said.“It’s going to be nice having Mendel here, and he will be a resource,” Oppenheimer said.Those who practice Judaism in Sioux Falls have been without a resident rabbi for decades.Instead, Jews in the city and the rest of the state have relied on traveling students for studying the Torah and for practices and traditions that often require a rabbi.“Andrew Goodman is known in our community as a lifelong molester who preys on young boys and ruins their lives,” a Talmudic scholar at Congregation Bais Torah wrote to Brooklyn Judge Martin Murphy, who is hearing the case.Neighbors were shocked when Goodman, freed on ,000 bail after his arrest in July 2010, still had boys sneaking into his 15th Street home, where he lives with his parents and sister, in the middle of the night.Of the 38 cases closed so far, 14 perps got jail time, ranging from a month to 10-to-20 years for crimes that included sex abuse, attempted kidnapping, and sodomy, Jaus said. They got probation, pleaded to minor charges, or saw their cases dismissed — often because victims or their parents backed out under community pressure.

Agudath Israel of America, a prominent body of Torah sages, requires anyone alleging sex abuse by a fellow observant Jew to first report to its rabbis, who decide whether the case should go to secular authorities.Goodman’s case, which Hynes’ office hasn’t publicized, shows how the community’s response has started to change.Rather than keeping it among the Orthodox, some alleged victims turned to sympathetic religious leaders and outside authorities to help lock up a menace.South Dakota is the only state without a Chabad house, and Alperowitz plans to open the first.“The idea of Chabad is to give each Jew the opportunity to practice their tradition and heritage in the most welcoming environment possible,” Alperowitz said.The 27-year-old was born in southern England and has been living in New York for the last 10 years, also studying in Detroit and London.BROOKLYN DA’S ORTHODOX JEWISH LIAISON HELPS GUIDE FAMILIES THROUGH THE FEAR MICHAEL LESHER: THE FIGHT AGAINST INTIMIDATION MUST RAGE ON Launched amid complaints that Hynes was soft on Orthodox child predators, Kol Tzedek aims to coax victims to come forward, despite strong pressure in the insular religious community to cover up such crimes.

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