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Season Five found the relationship between the two even more complicated with Bonnie being dead and unable to physically connect with Jeremy.

In her final pregnant Instagram post, the reality star was crossing her fingers the 'Love Nugget' would be born on the following Friday, so he could 'celebrate life together' with his dad, who turns 40.

After four days, producers removed him from the house for opening fellow housemate Chloe Goodman's dressing gown against her will.

that he had a severe drug problem during the time he was on Baywatch.

The season ended with the Other Side being destroyed and Bonnie being engulfed in white light and presumed to be gone forever, leaving Jeremy devastated.

Later on, the Mystic Falls Gang discover that Damon and Bonnie aren't lost forever and one by one, they both come back.

star allegedly stabbed the woman with a knife during an argument in the street in 2015.

Jeremy also agreed to 52 anger management meetings and 52 AA meetings, and to stay off drugs, which could lead to his felony charge being dropped to a misdemeanor.Jackson has been performing in clubs from London to Las Vegas.Jackson endorses Ed Hardy Clothing, and hosts fashion shows around the world for the fashion house.However, Jeremy turned to liquor after Bonnie's "death." After he saved her life in the Prison World, they parted on good terms despite them not being able to speak to each other; Bonnie wanted him to move on with his life, so he did.It is later said by Enzo that she is a lovelorn witch, possibly referring to her awkward relationship status with Jeremy or he does not have romantic feelings for her anymore.Listen Jer, I'm not sure I'm still the same Bonnie you want to be with.