Iraq dating service

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Iraq dating service

Kucinich (D-Ohio) requesting a hearing to examine a recent investigation by the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, and Pro Publica.

WASHINGTON—The Pentagon has failed to bill American Insurance Group and other major insurance carriers for millions of dollars in medical care provided to private contractors injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new federal report [1] (PDF).

According to the committee, the Pentagon allows its contractors to negotiate their own insurance contracts. A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 in federal court in Virginia.

The two men claim that the company's owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company.

The government requires contractors and subcontractors to swear in affidavits that the hazard pay is given to the employees who earned it.“The government didn’t even have the decency to count them, maybe because if it did, all the basic barometers that the Pentagon had been using to measure how the war was going — troop levels, number and frequency of attacks, and especially, casualties — would have gone straight out the window.

The mercs didn’t die or get wounded or engage in combat in Iraq.

"Although it is infrequently mentioned,and it is often unfashionable to say,the truth about most private military and security contractorsis that they are mostly regular folkstrying to make a living doing often difficult jobs infrequently chaotic and dangerous conditions.

Yes, many of them are military veteransbut they are certainly not mercenaries in anymeaningful sense of the word.They were like cardboard soldiers.”A poorly run Pentagon program for providing workman's compensation for civilian taxpayers, a House oversight committee said Thursday.Insurance companies alone have pocketed 0 million in excessive profits over the past five years, says a staff report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, but the Defense Department refuses to adjust its approach for managing the program. Agency for International Development and the Army Corps of Engineers have all selected a single insurance carrier to provide the insurance at fixed rates. Figures reflect number of Defense Base Act claims filed on Civilian Contractors of all nationalities reported injured or dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.Wade Dill, a Marine Corps veteran, took a contractor job in Iraq.Three weeks after he returned home for good, he committed suicide Birgitt Eysselinck has spent years trying to prove that her husband's death in Iraq was related to stress from his job with a company specializing in the removal of land mines and explosive ordnance.But often they do have one thing in common with regular military personnel, namely,they frequently get screwed over."San Francisco Giantsfor them in 1984 as a September call-up and quickly entrenched himself as their starting third baseman.