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Image liquidating

Indeed, even in cases where a substantial portion of the business is sold, the ultimate value to general, unsecured creditors is often derived from the liquidation of other assets.While chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code is entitled "Reorganization," it is well settled that chapter 11 may be used to facilitate the orderly liquidation of assets.

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Often, the need to liquidate results from a lack of liquidity and increased administrative costs associated with a bankruptcy filing following the enactment of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 (BAPCPA).In particular, the highest priority (referred to as "administrative status") has been granted to parties that deliver goods to a debtor within 20 days of the bankruptcy filing and appears to have made reorganization more difficult.Such claims must now be paid in full in order to confirm a reorganization plan, whereas prior to BAPCPA, these claims were paid in the same manner as general unsecured claims.Most of these retailers began the bankruptcy process with the hope of reorganizing or selling some stores as going concerns, but were quickly forced to liquidate.In retail bankruptcy cases, liquidations are typically accompanied by going-out-of-business (GOB) sales.A chapter 11 liquidating plan often includes provisions for the establishment of liquidating or litigation trusts that will bring causes of action on behalf of the estate.

Chapter 11 liquidating plans must be confirmed pursuant to the requirements of § 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.Additionally, bankruptcy is not the only forum for liquidation of distressed companies, only the most common.This article provides a synopsis of some of the various types of liquidations.Chapter 11 Liquidations The Bankruptcy Code's ultimate goal as it relates to businesses is to maximize value for creditors.In recent months liquidations, as opposed to reorganizations or going concern sales, have become a common method of achieving this goal.In addition, as a result of BAPCPA, bankrupt companies must determine whether to assume or reject their leases much earlier than under prior practice, and have a shorter time period during which they have the exclusive right to confirm a plan of reorganization.

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