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In Japan, apprentice Samurai paired up with older warriors to be trained in love and war, and all the shoguns slept with pages called “kosho,” their “nanshoku” loves recorded by writers and shunga painters who immortalized “shudo,” the Way of the Young.

They recognized that – married or not – men fell in love with men or youths, dreamt about them, wrote about them, fought over them, and took them to bed.In the pre-modern west, male love survived mostly underground, visible only when the lovers were unlucky enough to get caught, or when hinted at by artists brave enough to flout convention. The list of luminaries, artists, statesmen, men of the cloth, knights and knaves who felt the pull of male love – by itself, or alongside the love of women – is endless – and we only know a fraction of them, for most covered their traces too well and will forever remain hidden.Many writers, musicians, painters and poets depicted male love, but always in coded form: Michelangelo, who adorned the Sistine Chapel with vibrant male nudes; Shakespeare, who serenaded his darling boy in his sonnets; Blake who railed against priests “binding with briars my joys and desires;” Whitman, who sang the body electric, Proust, Baden-Powell, Tchaikovsky, Britten, Auden, Isherwood. The big lie that same-sex love is “against nature,” a fiction which flies in the face of both biology and history, depends on ignorance and censorship for its survival.São milhares de gays e bissexuais se cadastrando a cada dia. Pensando nisso, o Encontros Brasileiro desenvolveu uma completa estrutura, um ambiente seguro onde os usuários possam fazer buscas, trocar mensagens, bater papo e se divertir!A felicidade e satisfação aguardam por si aqui, pois a nossa comunidade está recheada de homens interessantes e reais.The customs and ethics of male love were encoded in Greek mythology.

Male love was a cornerstone of the culture that created theater, philosophy, mathematics, history, and other arts and sciences.Democracy was another invention of the Greeks, and the two men they honored for its introduction were Harmodios and Aristogiton, a gay couple.Love between males was thought to bring out the best qualities in a youth AND in his lover, especially manliness and courage.And they usually understood that boy children were excluded from the game of sex, to the same degree that they understood that girl children were excluded as well.In Ancient Greece love between males was styled along the same lines as the marriage customs.Mullahs and censors railed against male love, but men of all walks of life, from Caliphs to porters, delighted in it and all looked forward to being attended by fresh-faced tellaks (masseurs) in the hamam, and “unaging (youths) as beautiful as pearls” in paradise.

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    Sixty-something sexologist Joan Price, for one, endorses "gray hookups," but with a couple of strong caveats: The people involved must be emotionally capable of handling their status as noncommitted bed partners, and they must protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.

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    Lots of greatbody language advice as well as how to look good even if you are just an average Joe.

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