Hollie and joshua dating

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Hollie was up against very strong competition; the World Record Holder and the 2011 World Champion were both in her event and going in Number One in the rankings.Throwing on the last day of the competition, the pressure for Hollie to perform well was tremendous, but she kept her composure.

Hollie not only gained her second World title but broke the championship record twice; her best throw being 40.53cm, just shy of the World record!

Josh Bishop and Hollie Winnard, nicknamed the "old married couple" by the other teams on this season's Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, CW), were forced to leave the mansion last Tuesday despite a near-flawless performance in the elimination room.

In talking with the pair, you'd never know they now live very different lives on opposite coasts.

Hollie: They've made so many enemies, they've pretty much signed their death wish [Laughs]. TVGuide.com: Why were you two called "the old married couple"?

Hollie: We were like a funny old couple that's just so comfortable with each other. TVGuide.com: Some people in the house were saying that you, Hollie, are a geek at heart. Josh: Well, you didn't see it on camera, but she's incredibly smart and interested in geeky topics.

Hollie is already in training for London and Tokyo, dedicating the next 4 years to an intense regime to make the most of her talent - 2016 is going to be Hollie's year!

Hollie and her team are on the hunt for Sponsors to join her on her exciting journey.

Hollie also won Lincolnshire Sports personality of the year in 2016 Hollie competed in the IPC World Championships in Doha on the 31/10/15.

She was out to retain her World Champion title won in Lyon in 2013.

Hollie also threw the discus and gained gold (even though she does not even train for this event and has not thrown for the past 2 years), putting herself on the Senior Discus World Rankings at number 1! Before that, Hollie has accumulated a phenominal array of Medals and has represented her country in Beijing at the age of just 14, in front of crowds of approximately 90,000.

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