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Topics include statistics, post exposure prophylaxis, patient education, immunization schedules and surveillance.

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Recommended Testing Sequence for Hepatitis C Infection Hepatitis C virus infection recommended testing sequence and flowchart Interpretation of Results of Tests for Hepatitis C Infection and Further Action Related to the document, this document details the interpretation and further actions to take based off of the testing outcome One and Only Campaign Information on the health campaign to raise awareness among patients and health care providers about safe injections practices.Also included is a new recommended testing sequence for identifying current HCV infection.Hepatitis C Counseling and Rapid Testing Guidelines Document that provides guidance on rapid testing for hepatitis C in Michigan.We also discuss the availability of syringe exchange programs in Michigan and highlight our new injection safety website designed to help prevent healthcare-associated viral hepatitis infections.This edition covers the growing issue of perinatal Hepatitis C, highlights some observations from the recently published Hepatitis Annual Surveillance Report, and discusses changes to the HCV case definition coming in 2016.National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse Research, statistics and publications on digestive diseases in the United States.

A service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

2015 Hepatitis B and C Surveillance Report Annual report detailing hepatitis statistics from 2015.

Within the report contains information on hepatitis B and C infection by age, gender and race, the risk behaviors associated with hepatitis B and C infection, and hepatitis co-infection with HIV in Michigan.

This edition covers the announcement of the lifting of the federal ban on needle exchange programs, the Michigan Viral Hepatitis Resource Guide, and discusses the new viral hepatitis case classification and reporting changes.

This issue we discuss the latest annual report from the National Cancer Institute, give an update on Michigan Medicaid's coverage of HCV medications, and discuss the latest data on heroin and opioid overdose deaths.

Topics include statistics, transmission, populations at risk, testing, treatment, serology, surveillance and patient education.

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