Harshad and sriti dating

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He is a married superstar she falls in love with on the web-series.Tridha says that director Suhail Tatari was very transparent during the narration and explained how the love-making scenes were a part of the script.

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I think an actor should be versatile, medium is not important.“Well, maybe a few stories here and there, I have tried to use that reference for my character on the show,” says the lady.However, she maintains that she has never heard about sleazy producers like it is shown in the movies.Casting couch is one of the aspects of the industry that has been discussed on the show.In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywood Life, Tridha said, “When Vikram Bhatt narrated me the script, I was little surprised. We hear rumours, stories of acts of violence, casting couch and get goosebumps. However, during the narration of Spotlight, I was impressed by Sana’s character how she grows in a span of five years from a Plain Jane to a superstar.I was holidaying having a nice time and that’s it,” she opines.

Tridha was rumoured to be dating Harshad Arora during Dahleez. If I have a relationship later on in life, it would be out when it should be out,” signs off Tridha.

Tridha admits she does not get much time to watch TV but is fond of watching shows on laptop and TV. Coming back to the topic of casting couch, Tridha says, “To be honest, casting couch is not like, someone makes an offer and can’t get refuted. A person has to realise what he or she wants to compromise on principles or I don’t know…the offer. Casting couch is not about one who makes the offer but one who gets the offer.” When we asked her if she has had any negative experience, she replies, “Hmm…I have face but there is always a way of turning down the proposal.

Some times, it also happens that people fall for each other genuinely while working together.

If I get a comedy, I will need to do immense homework.

If I get a finite show with a definite end, I will take it up,” she says.

Spotlight is more about how love comes in different forms and how you adapt.

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