Got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr

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Got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr - hmong dating wisconsin

you need a multiport repeater right away, because you need to install wiring to serve both kinds in any room of the wing, right ? (2) Any user can accidentally wipe out a thinnet loop, and then you need to get into each room to troubleshoot. Put an RJ-45 in each room, with a 4-pair cable to a patch panel.Now you have identical wiring from each room to the patch panel.

(PC user wil have to pay for an NFS client, I think).

In the wiring closet with the patch panel, install a Mac star controller and a 10base T hub (might really be 5 minihubs: 1 at the top level with 4 cascaded below it). This is because having connectivity is more important than having file storage.

Now you can patch each room's outlet to the appropriate concentrator. In fact, the file storage is just a management headache.

Thank you for your help, Uwe Bloching -----------[000005][next][prev][last][first]---------------------------------------------------- Date: 1 Apr 93 GMT From: Steinar.

[email protected](Steinar Haug) To: comp.protocols.tcp-ip Subject: Re: Looking for a comprehensive list of common port numbers of this license manager. That's at least what the documentation we have received says... If it's about a point-to-point HDLC connection or something like that, check the router's manuals(! I don't know :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------- | Antonis Kyriazis | | Networks & Communications e-mail: [email protected]| | INTRACOM sa | | 19.5 km Marcopoulo Ave.

Dave --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave Stafford Tel: (31) 1719 84437 Cray Systems Ltd Fax: (31) 1719 85426 European Space Research & Technology Centre Noordwijk, Opinions: My OWN! Thanks, Allan Leinwand cisco Systems (510) 831-4730 [email protected][000009][next][prev][last][first]---------------------------------------------------- Date: 0930 From: [email protected] (Leigh M Hart) To: comp.protocols.tcp-ip Subject: Re: TCP vs.

Holland Email: [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------[000008][next][prev][last][first]---------------------------------------------------- Date: 1 Apr 93 From: [email protected](Allan Leinwand) To: comp.protocols.tcp-ip Subject: Re: What is an "ip unnumbered serial line" ? UDP carry on sessions with the greatest number of peer processes?If you spend a little bit more, they can also provide privacy: Some 10base T hubs will blank out the data portions of packets addressed to the other ports of the hub, so that one student with a "Lan Watch" program can't monitor everybody else's sessions and collect their passwords etc.In my opinion, you will be tempting some people beyond their moral capacity if you don't spend enough to get this type of hub.Both are pretty cheap these days, and a router with 16M can hold a lot of routes. | I agree, although it's always easy to say that in retrospect. imtst From: [email protected](I-Ming Tsai) Newsgroups: comp.protocols.tcp-ip Date: 1 Apr 93 GMT Sender: news @Organization: University of Pittsburgh Lines: 25 Hello, (2) What is an "ip unnumbered serial line" ? An "ip unnumbered serial line" is a feature of Cisco routers that enables you to route IP on a point to point serial link and not use an additional IP subnet.It's clear that a more hierarchical is required, although if addressing was not wasted the problem would not be so acute so soon. If you would like more information about this feature on our products, please send email to [email protected] / Lars Poulsen, SMTS Software Engineer Internet E-mail: [email protected]

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