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No such luck, but they do have a performer up their sleeve they’ll be announcing soon. Jeffrey Best/Best Events builds it, and PMK*BNC handles the scene. *New Move* Soho House Soho House will have a 909 headquarters with both daytime and evening programming.Chet Mehta, Alyssa Some, and PR-Dept are facilitating. Their plans are still in development, but they are moving up from being the lone ranger on weekend two to join the fun on weekend one.

Instead, they will have an Uber Lounge in Lot 1C (Avenue 49 @ Monroe) as their port to the festival. Both of these sound a lot better than the sketchy drivers I hired off Craigslist in years past.There’s a bar, cell phone charging, a DJ, and other airport lounge type comforts. I suspect this will be a top trending topic (of discussion) at the festival.Palm Springs to Indio is slated to run in an Uber X. The fields will be pink moustache free: ride sharing app Lyft tells me they will not be there.Armani Exchange did for the Neon Carnival last year. Line Up Your Transportation The good news: Uber is going big at Coachella.They just launched in Palm Springs officially, which might explain the non-traditional stretch limos (for 10) added to their fleet for the occasion.*Hot Ticket* Neon Carnival Full Title: Nylon and Olay Fresh Effects Present Neon Carnival In Association with Guess Saturday, April 12, 10 p.m. You’ve heard about it: It’s “the thing,” and the super heavyweight. Last year they took over the Merv Griffin estate after H&M moved out.

I expect more DJ sets from splintered members of bands, escaping AEG’s “radius clauses” that would presumably block other local performances.

Update: Last year’s concert show stealer Major Lazer is performing at the party, plus two unannounced “surprise guest performers” beginning at a.m.

The confirmed guests are impressive: names that took home trophies during this past awards season and one who is perhaps the brand’s most globally famous “pitch” man.

To be fair, Sonos, Bootsy Bellows, Mc Donalds, are also hosting, and they are more lifestyle brands than fashion, but they aren’t the massive tentpole events.

Pro Tip: Some of these may have consumer (not industry) contests to win your way into events.

Close to the entrance they have a Disney-esque picture spot to snap the lake, poolside cabanas, and roaming “crocodiles” that have defined the brand.