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31 that is actually centuries-long: Reformationstag. This a special day for Protestants to commemorate Martin Luther’s launch of the Reformation when he nailed those ninety-five theses to the Catholic castle church in Wittenberg, Germany.In celebration of Reformationstag and so that it's not completely overshadowed by Halloween, Luther-Bonbons (candies) were created.

Regional identities such as these are of great significance for many Germans, though it is evident that they are often manipulated for political and commercial purposes as well.

In fact, however, the various territories, principalities, counties, and cities enjoyed a large degree of autonomy and retained distinctive names and traditions, even after the founding of the nation-state—the Kaiserreich or German Empire—in 1871.

The names of older territories—such as Bavaria, Brandenburg, and Saxony—are still kept alive in the designations of some of today's federal states.

It’s an entire weekend of fun, family-friendly entertainment, complete with an elaborate Halloween parade that includes floats.

Reformationstag Germany and Austria have another tradition on Oct.

Nevertheless, this self-designation indicates the desire of the members of the Imperial Estates to distinguish themselves from the curia in Rome, with which they were embroiled in a number of political and financial conflicts.

The area that became known as Deutschland, or Germany, had been nominally under the rule of the German king—who was usually also the Roman emperor—since the tenth century.Since, however, the Frankish and Saxon kings of the early Middle Ages sought to characterize themselves as emperors of Rome, it does not seem valid to infer an incipient form of national consciousness.By the fifteenth century, the designation Heiliges Römisches Reich ,or "Holy Roman Empire," was supplemented with the qualifying phrase der deutschen Nation , meaning "of the German Nation." Still, it is important to note that, at that point in history, the phrase "German nation" referred only to the Estates of the Empire— dukes, counts, archbishops, electoral princes, and imperial cities—that were represented in the Imperial Diet.Halloween, as we celebrate it commonly today, is not originally German. Others, especially those of the older generation, believe that Halloween is just American hype.Though the commercialism of Halloween does indeed stem from North America, the tradition and celebration itself had its origins in Europe.Shortly after the unification of East and West Germany in 1990, the Federal Republic signed a treaty with Poland, in which it renounced all claims to territories east of the boundary formed by the Oder and Neisse rivers—the de facto border since the end of World War II.

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