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Youll need two male and two female actors, as well as six bible verse readers.

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They tend to be more Lutheran focused, but can go well beyond one denomination. Range of topics covered: acceptance, gender, sex, salvation, suffering, suicide, forgiveness, temptation, and more.Hand out the bible verses to different kids to find ahead of time in their bible so that they are ready to read them when prompted by you after each skit. After both skits and the final verses are read, break up into small groups of 4 6 youth if possible. Give actors and readers time to read over their lines so they are comfortable with the material. If there is only one leader, just hold an open discussion with the group. Range of Topics covered: godly behavior, entertainment More » The Source for Youth Ministry focuses on equipping youth groups with the tools they need to inspire students in their Christian walk.The founder, Jonathan Mc Kee, was determined to create a free resource for churches and ministries.More » This UK site has a number of plays based on biblical occurrences.

The site's goal is to bring about new and refreshing ways to get across God's message.

Range of topics covered: forgiveness, peer pressure, worship, godliness, friendship, faithfulness, dating, and more. has a multitude of scripts for almost any youth group.

The website is not the easiest to follow at times, but it has a wide variety of scripts for almost any occasion.

More » The resources on Catholic Youth Ministry Resources tend to have a more Catholic flair, but most of them transcend all denominations of Christianity.

Some of the skits have lessons attached, while others can be purely used as icebreakers to get the services started.

More » Cross the sky ministries has several sample skits on their website while also offering books full of more productions.

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