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We Serve a Complimentary Glass of local sparkling wine per person (or a Bottle per Couple ) A Cash Bar is available for other Beers and Softdrinks .UBUNTU PROJECT Ubuntu = African principal of humanity is a 4 week volunteer program Volunteering in South Africa with children and orphans in the township.

You will learn so much about development and working with a community / township – the challenges and the success, all part of life. Today’s world is about building character and experience – you might have studied and got the degree; but to develop yourself as a person / human being is real progress.We work together with the local women of the township, to create safe and happy spaces for the children.Slowly and strategically helping to improve their environment.You will work closely with the African culture and experience Ubuntu culture, Africa’s gift to the world.All our township projects are under resourced and lack basic facilities.What I came away with: “Visiting these projects gave me hope and opened my eyes to what lies beyond.

I came away with this, “That Every single visitor to South Africa and every single fellow South African should visit the townships, and become involved in a project, because they need us, and we need them even more.” Abalimi Bezekhaya Project (Planters of the Home) The Harvest of Hope project utilises a small Pack Shed to collect, pack and deliver organic vegetable boxes to families in Cape Town (us) You can pick up your box of veges once a week at various pick up points!

In so doing, helping to broaden their minds, so that they meet young people from all over the world.

You in turn will have a deep experience of the African culture, as the children will share their traditional dances, theatre pieces, songs and games with you.

Through volunteering, one is able to bring valuable skills and resource, during challenging times. All you have to do is log onto Facebook, go the Official Facebook page and click “like” to qualify!

The most important thing is that you are paying to develop yourself as a person. The Facebook Competition Prize is a night away for two at Maison Chablis in Franschhoek.

Our aim is to develop values among the children, value & respect for their own lives and that of others.