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That conversation turned into a three-year-long effort to identify when and why she shifts into baby voice.

I became even more concerned when I realized that the trend could be interpreted as something more sinister than mere vocal affectation.He taught them how to breathe deeply, from the diaphragm, to project, and to be ready to speak before they open their mouths.All of my students benefitted from these lessons, but my babytalker more than anyone else.I’m looking for the more subtle lilt, tone, and retreat from authority delivered via that high-pitched voice.Most of all, I’m looking for what could be perceived as an intimation of sexual or societal submission.I taught my students to stand on both feet, hips square, chests out, and shoulders back.

I invited the drama teacher come to class and teach them how to take up space with their words.

After class one day, I finally decided to speak to a sixth grade student who was a frequent babytalk and upspeak user.

We sat down in my office during snack time, and, over our herbal tea and cookies, we talked about why she uses such a high-pitched voice at some times and not others.

With that in mind, I started approaching baby voice as yet another practice to be overcome, much like habitual disorganization or shouting in the halls.

In my last teaching job, I was lucky enough to teach my students for three years in a row, and I took great delight in watching them grow and mature as thinkers.

I’ve enforced dress codes because I want my students to value their brains over their body parts.

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