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But no, instead the dull drumming provides a more jazz based feel to the jam.

Composed Section After some clapping we hear a completely butchered start. I am sure it is not easy to just stick another drummer into a song, but ouch.

The tempo is a bit more upbeat than what we saw in the previous version at Lakewood.

Page drops in perfectly with the grand, and the world is a better place. The combination of Trey’s soft playing, Page’s Grand, just the right amount of forceful bass, and jazzy percussion…is perfect.

I wish they had stayed here for much longer and expand on this idea…

By the band settles in and finds a nice space with a bluesy, jazzy sound.

Very smooth jam with Page adding texture, building nicely over the next minute as we hit a ferocious lick from Trey.

Page enters into his solo and this results in happiness from the crowd.

It is a good solo from Page with some help coming from Mike.

Gordon’s tone begins to become stronger now and again it sounds like we are moving to the funk…However…

Pure Bliss - Both drummers are continuing to hold down that jazzy beat.

At times it reminds me of a Grateful Dead jam having two drummers playing during this Ghost.