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This includes your mobile number, email address, or any other personal details you might’ve shared throughout the course of the transaction.

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Through reporting these cases and flagging these users, you also help keep the OLX platform free from scams.But online classifieds such as OLX will always make it a point to maintain a safe platform.In such cases, here are four Philippine Anti-Cybercrime Laws that can help protect users like you from online scams.Should you stumble upon any of these issues, we recommend that you reach out to a qualified attorney for legal advice.You may experience intermittent banking services due to our recent system enhancement.Not a lot of people know this but you could also report individuals for theft if they refuse to fulfill their part of the transaction and run off with your money or with a product you had sent them.

Theft is definitely against the law and is covered by Article 308 of the Revised Penal Code.

A simple example of this would be when a seller tells a prospective buyer that a product that is brand new when it is in fact secondhand.

Ever been duped into buying an expensive designer bag that turned out to be a counterfeit?

It is illegal for him or her to share your mobile number or email address to other sellers who might want to offer you other services.

Did you know that violation of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 is punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine of anywhere between Php 500, 000 to 2 million?

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