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To create a line break you should press down the Shift key and then press Enter.It often happens to me, when I can’t find necessary information anywhere but in Skype chat. Just open a conversation and hit Ctrl F to start the search.

If you noticed a typo in you last message just after hitting the Enter button, you may click the Up arrow and the message will appear back in the edit box.

You may call to Skype contacts immediately from you Contacts list by double clicking on a contact.

To do so, open Tools General Settings and tick the box When I double-click on a contact start a call.

Just imagine how much money it saves us on text messaging and international calls!

Unlike Facetime designed for Mac and i OS users, Skype can be installed almost to any PC or smartphone.

For your convenience Skype keeps chat history on your computer.

If it may compromise your privacy as anyone has access to your computer can easily see it, you can delete Skype history.Most of us use the tool not knowing about the half of its nice features. The common emoticons list can be accessed by clicking on the smiley at the top of the compose message box.Let’s have a look at some hidden Skype options which will save you a lot of time and make your communication more productive or cheerful. Almost every new software version brings some new pieces to the set.Don’t be an unknown number while calling to mobiles.You can make your original phone number show when you’re calling from Skype.No more need to screen capture a video beforehand to share it with friends and colleagues!

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