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Starting today Discord will be rolling out and testing its new video chat and screen sharing functionality with 5% of its desktop user base.

"Our vision is that it should be as simple to work with someone at another company as someone next to you," he said.Here are some of the new features coming to Workplace on Tuesday: Workplace product manager Simon Cross told Business Insider that the service's success is largely due to the fact that 1.8 billion people already use Facebook every month.Since Workplace is an ad-free, private version of Facebook (complete with News Feed, groups, and private chat), it's instantly familiar.Google wants its Web M/VP8 codec to be made a mandatory standard for real-time communications on the web, and has recommended against the use of the H.264 codec.At the moment, the W3C's draft specification dated 12 July 2012 says: "User agents negotiate the codec resolution, bitrate, and other media parameters." In other words: whatever works.Workplace is Facebook's bet against Microsoft, Slack, Google, and other companies in the competitive world of enterprise software.

Facebook is placing its stake in the ground on Tuesday by announcing that over 14,000 organizations, from Viacom to Singapore's government, are now using Workplace since the service launched publicly in October 2016.

Presumably Google sees making Web M/VP8 support compulsory in Web RTC video chat as a roundabout way of making it more popular for streaming video.

Google has also allowed its Motorola Mobility subsidiary, bought for .5 billion, to continue suing both Apple and Microsoft over their use of its standards-essential patents. However, Motorola is demanding what look like unreasonable fees, and trying to block the sale of products that use H.264, such as the Xbox 360 games console. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) "has opened a formal probe into whether Google Inc's Motorola Mobility unit is honoring pledges it made to license industry-standard technology for mobile and other devices on fair terms," according to Bloomberg, while the "European Commission [is investigating] Motorola Mobility's suspected abuse of standard-essential patents against Apple and Microsoft," according to FOSSpatents.

“The key thing that we’ve heard loud and clear from our customers is that everybody just knows how to use it straight away," said Cross.

He noted that organizations are quickly joining Workplace because "they are buying into our ability to dramatically improve the speed of the product.

Where H.264 is not available, Adobe Flash usually provides a fallback.

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