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My child, the youngest of 3, a fun-loving, carefree, beautiful little girl, allowed herself to enter a world that she would never be able to detach herself from completely. There is no true way to put into words what a mother endures when faced with this life-changing event.

She went away to college, met the “man of her dreams,” and dropped out to marry him, and her life from that point spiraled out of control. Since she lived out of state, we did not see the decline until it was too late. While having to work through all of the emotions at the same time as determining the logistics of how to proceed, it was a trying time to say the least.

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When most of your life has been affected by addiction, you might feel somewhat prepared for anything that comes along.

From the young age of 10 I had to endure a chronic alcoholic father who lied, manipulated, stole, cheated, did whatever he had to do to get that drink. Life for a child of an addict is turbulent, scary, and full of unknowns, a continuous emotional and physical battle.

After months of lies, manipulation, stealing, and getting to the truth as to what was really happening, it was our time to decide, our time to act.

My daughter had 2 choices: go to rehab with family support, or walk through the door and out of our lives.As a child living in this environment you become either a victim or a survivor. I believe I am a survivor only because I had to protect my younger siblings.They looked to me to hide them when things were scary, to step in when the physical fighting became intense. I do not meet the characteristics of a “Daughter of an Alcoholic,” however, my younger sister does.At this point, it must be their decision to either get the help that they need or to continue down a deadly path and lose their family forever. You are speaking to a sales person who appears to be compassionate; however, you know they really just want to make that sale.I only knew this because of having watched my mother enable both my father and brother for so long in their addiction. You want your loved one somewhere quickly so that you do not find them passed out or dead from overdose.It was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do in my life. Who can you trust for reliable, honest information?

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