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A new phishing scam targets Netflix's 44 million customers worldwide by asking them for their Netflix login credentials — and their credit cards as well.

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Clicking the big red button takes the victim to a bogus Netflix login page.What if I lose my computer connection at some point during the picture uploading process? Who do I contact if I have questions or problems uploading my picture? When my card expires and a replacement card is issued, is there a fee for keeping the custom image on my card? When someone debating privacy says, "but I don't have anything to hide," I am immediately suspicious.Look forward to talking more and seeing the article! "How reckless to give this access to a complete stranger!" Then I logged in to his email.* * *Until age 21, Noah Dyer was a virgin. A devout Mormon, he then married, had four children, and decided that maybe there isn't a God after all.What types of Account Alerts are available for my Credit Card?

How can I be instantly approved when applying for a credit card?

If you've given the phishers your credit-card number, call the customer-service number on the back of the card and inform the card issuer of what's happened.

Credit card payments, lost or stolen cards, and general account and balance information. Can I schedule more than one online payment in advance? Can I make an online payment from my savings account? Can I have my credit card mailed to a different address? Can I allow another family member to use my credit card?

If my application for a credit card is denied, what happens to the image I uploaded? If my image is rejected will I have a chance to choose another image? What happens if I choose to decline the "Upload Photo" option? Are paperless statements available for my Savings Account(s)?

What if my credit card looks different than the version displayed on the screen? Bitmap (.bmp) Flip JPEG PNG Rotate Scale Show Card Details Upload Information regarding bank savings accounts. Information regarding checks and bank checking accounts.

Customer guidelines, design service overview, image questions, technical support, fee questions and a glossary.

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