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It was pretty good, they had some pretty dancers in the company, would be worth approaching if I were alone and maybe younger.Acting as a guide, she then took me to bar/disco at the Haimi Hotel, it was quiet except for a group of friends dancing together.

I also bought some khat, which is pronounced chat in Ethiopia.

It always seemed like a Sunday in all but the center of downtown, no real traffic jams. Some beggars, old men and peasant women from the countryside, not obnoxious but just really poor looking. Lots of building and also an almost-completed light rail system. We Chat "people nearby" feature had scores of Chinese around, including cute girls, one of which I saw at a Chinese restaurant later.

The city is made of reinforced cast concrete taller buildings, with concrete block and corrugated metal buildings and shacks ringing the center of the city.

Hotel Girl was looking pretty good after a few beers, so I spent the night with her, and she left in the morning to change clothes.

That morning I walked around, went to the Red Terror Martyrs' Museum, an interesting exhibition of the purges of the Communist regime of the 1970s and 80s, including the graves of some of those killed.

I only saw a few guns - old bolt action rifles with old guards in banks and one AK-47 with a guard in an office of Ethio Telecom.

Here is a recent article about the place: did pipelining through Badoo and Tagged. One girl who worked in a hotel took an interest in helping me and arranged for a good hotel at a low price (not her hotel) and for a SIM card.

There are opportunities with beautiful women but time and luck are factors.

I wasted time on girls that flaked and girls that would have probably come through if I had more time to spend on them.

you will end up like this guy, but maybe not tortured and killed by secret police Hotel Girl met me in the afternoon at the museum and brought her hotter cousin, who was a classic petite Ethiopian beauty.

We went to a "chat bayt," just a big house with rooms let out for people to chew khat and smoke shisha.

in the chat bayt khat The cousin lived in Riyadh for a while as a nanny and we were speaking Arabic to each other.

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