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Both types of Ironman mode are locked out of most forms of interactions with other players such as trading, the Grand Exchange, most group minigames, Pv P, and almost all other group activities. They are accessible only via a dropdown menu on the character creation screen.Ironmen 'benefits' are entirely cosmetic in nature, or otherwise don't impact gameplay directly. Examining a tradeable item while in Ironman Mode will display the high alchemy price instead of its Grand Exchange value.The Price checker will also function this way, however loot beams are still based on Grand Exchange value.Once character creation is complete, these modes may only be turned off using in-game items such as the Jar of divine light and the Book of diplomacy, to turn off Hardcore and regular Ironman modes respectively.Both items are sold by Mr Ex, and neither action can be undone.Two separate hiscores exist, one for each of the two types of Ironman.

When a Hardcore Ironman account gets deleted or downgraded, that account is not removed from the Hardcore hiscores, but their hiscores at the time of downgrading are kept, their name crossed through and a message displaying how they died.If the player is converted to a regular ironman, then a white skull is displayed.Ironmen have access to Ironman Armour override, and hardcore ironmen to HC Ironman Armour override.Welcome to The Black Alley, the new home of the finest Asian erotica.Members of The Black Alley get 100% access to all content archives.If they have done so, the item will be activated upon death from either the player's bank or the inventory and will convert the account into a regular Ironman account.

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