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The most important feast day is undoubtedly la Fiesta de la Rama, alias the Feast of Branches, celebrated the 4th of August, a day when an enormous amount of the local population comes to the port and everyone is dancing while holding a branch of eucalyptus or birch in their hands.This is how they pray to Saint Nieves, the patron of the city to bring some rain after the long summer.

As there were very few clients, I spent most of the day playing a game called 'Staring at the wall wondering what happy people are doing' and answering calls by either ending each sentence with 'over' like talking on a In a last ditch effort to retain the few remaining accounts we had, we sent invitations to join us at a charity dinner to provide musical instruments for starving children.

Puerto de las Nieves Approximately in 1 km distance from Agaete, by the sea shore, there is a port of Agaete, called Puerto de las Nieves.

A picturesque fisherman village became popular especially after the introduction of a regular ferry connection with the capital of the neighbouring island of Tenerife.

The catamarans are provided by a company Fred Olsen which is proud to run the fastest connection between Gran Canaria and Tenerife. The ferry connection was the reason why the local townhall financed the ports explotation and thanks to this you can now enjoy a brand new sea front promenade Paseo de los Poetas, that starts in the village center and finishes after 1 km by the natural swimming pools constructed in the rocky shore, where you can have a bath even when the ocean is inquiet.

The rich history of the port is reflected in a chapel known as Ermita de las Nieves.

In the south end of the village there is formerly the most photographed atractivity of the place, el Dedo de Dios, alias the “god´s finger” presented by a 30 metres high basaltic column runing out of the sea as a real god´s finger.

Unfortunately in 2005 a part of the finger has been broken down by a tropical storm Delta.

In several tavernas with a beautiful sea view don´t forget to taste some of the local specialities, or the products of the sea, or something really canarian, such as papas arrugadas con mojo (wrinkled potatoes with a piquant sauce).

Valle de Agaete Within a short distance behind the townlet of Agaete there is a very impresive valley called the Valle de Agaete.

During the last years also a little bit of tourism found its way to the place and became another important part of the local economy.

A great visitor´s atractivity presents the neighbouring Tamadaba Natural Park, where in the height of 1000 metres above the sea level one can admire the most beautiful island´s pine forests, important pride of the local inhabitants.

Just one kilometer behind the city you will enter one of the most beautiful valleys of Gran Canaria, full of palm oasis, coffee plantations, orange trees, avocados, mangos and grape-vine.