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’ However Monica replied: ‘We don’t see it like that at all because even if Sid wasn’t in the picture, I’d still be eating the way I did so I don’t see it like that at all.’ Monica is a model and wants to weight 70st which would make her the biggest woman in the world.Her boyfriend, Sid Riley, is a feeder and he spends his day cooking for Monica, feeding her through a tube at their home in Fort Worth, Texas.

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The Dirt version of our bikes signifies knobby tires.How big a deal is his habit and am I right to object to it? You’re right that the site is repugnant, and the behavior of the people who frequent it is horrifying.But there is a difference between watching and doing, and the question of your fiancé’s obsession with this forum would be of a different order if he were actively shaming and bullying individuals.Dear Prudence, At age 66, I believe I have met the person I have been looking for all of my life.I am twice divorced and “Art’s” first marriage also ended in divorce.The pair however did not understand the question so he repeated, asking ‘when is the next funnel?

’ Monica then awkwardly laughed and replied: ‘Just whenever we want to.’ Phil also asked Sid how he felt about aiding Monica with her plans, asking: ‘You are actually killing her?

I have asked him to stop reading these forums, but after abstaining for a couple of days he’s right back on them.

He seems to think it’s harmless fluff and that the pictures are funny.

This forum features candid photos of the obese with cruel commentary, and members of this forum often gang up to bully overweight people on social media. My fiancé never actually comments on these postings or posts his own content, so he is not “actively” bullying anyone.

I still believe visiting this site is repugnant and I don’t understand his attraction to it.

The alloy frame is lightweight and rust-resistant, while the 3" tire and comfort saddle absorb are designed to absorb shock - ensuring a smooth, enjoyable ride.

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