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To some people it is a wonderful celebration of love and commitment; to others it is a ball and chain.

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If they are the one though, they will still be there, and in the meantime it is up to you to focus on making a difference to your own life. Does he respect the women in his life or does he have a problem with women in positions of authority.

Perhaps it is not necessarily that we need, but it is certainly important to consider the fact that having someone special to share a life with may be what helps to allow us to feel like we have achieved everything we needed to achieve in this life, and possible the next. When you love someone completely, maybe it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. Maybe what is more important is being able to adapt oneself to become the other half of the person you love, sharing their flaws and perfections as your own.

This is a quote, which presents the notion of “habit”, which is so often depicted in a negative light when talking about marriage and long-term relationships, as a good thing.

People get married to share things with another person. This is what life is all about though – unpredictability and change.

So could marriage be the key to happiness, if you know how to appreciate what it is really about? One day you might be head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t feel quite so intensely, but it is just because all human beings are different ad unique.

If you need one reason to live, that reason is likely to be another living being. Someone works very hard to keep things rolling smoothly; someone else sails along for the ride.” ― Jodi Picoult, Mercy This is a very cynical insight into married life, but perhaps there is a lot of truth in it.

People get married and suddenly they have a purpose, a journey to follow, a life to build. The scales always tend to tip more in one direction than the other.

There are so many obvious differences between the ways in which the male and female mind works, and yet we still don’t seem to be able to understand one another! The enthusiasm is inspiring, and it makes you think of times when young girls dreamt of being brides and living happily ever after with their new husbands. Maybe if we did then couples would be focusing on getting the most out of being married, rather than allowing things to fall apart when they don’t seem to be working.

If it is that difficult for us to be more sympathetic to our opposing sex, then perhaps it really would be a better option to just live next door to our spouses and visit now and then! If you are married, keep hold of that initial enthusiasm you had! It is important to be able to prioritise things in our lives, and understand that not everything has to happen immediately.

Men will never, ever live up to a woman’s expectation.

This is mostly because her expectations will continually change. There is certainly a lot of hypocrisy, not only in religion, but in marriage and everything to do with life and the ways in which human beings choose to live it.

Here are some famous quotes about marriage from literature and art, and my thoughts on what they might mean. Nowadays marriage isn’t expected of couples, and we like to think that we can be just as happy alone, with friends and work to fill our lives.

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