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You can try using DOMParser but it really only works well for well formed xml (unless it was fixed).

While you can create html div in the browser's xul document, that div's owner Document is the at a chrome level, not content. Send an XMLHttp Request and get some HTML content2. This is true, but what if it calls "top.location = document.location"? Here's the code: However, note that the target document MUST be valid xhtml, otherwise the xml parsing will fail.Also, would setting iframe's allow Auth=false suppress the SSL message for HTTPS sites like moz Background Request does? I noticed you are a frequent editor on those AMO pages on the topic, I hope you approve of my contributions there.. If this happens, check your parse-error and fix the target until you get valid xhtml.The other issue is that I do need to use XMLHttp Request for implementing some other functions (related status/HTTPS) that can't be done with load URI, so I how would I load up that HTML soup response into the iframe and use DOMContent Loaded to monitor when it's done?var html TXT = 'some stuff from an an XMLHttp Request ';var div = window.content.document.create Element('div');div.inner HTML = html TXT;var elements = Elements By Tag Name('b');alert(elements[0].inner HTML); Thanks for the reply- that would certainly work if I knew the HTML page layout ahead of time, but I need to do this with any random web page.That's significant because it has no parent Node and therefore can't harm or otherwise affect the browser or the webpage. Rebuild HTML from the node In my case, I have one document which has a placeholder div-element with the id "Page Container", and my target document has a div-element with the id "Page Content".

The anti-javascript security thing is an extra step there, but I do agree with you that that isn't useful if you actually do want the javascript. I want to read the target document using Xml Http Request, take everything inside the "Page Content" and put it inside "Page Container".I've tried to use req.override Mime Type('text/xml') but req.response XML is an error message (since i'm trying to read HTML as XML).I haven't had any success with (new DOMParser()).parse From String(req.response Text, "text/xml") either... Thanks, that is the method I've tried using, but that is a bit inefficient since it loads up a new iframe in browser/xul and then parses it.The DOMParser only works for xml, but I think there should be an HTML equivalent in future Gecko versions - it just makes no sense that there wouldn't be.Having us do "HTML soup Since html is visual the idea of using it is tied to having a window to display it in.Last I knew html DOMParser (without window/iframe) not yet implemented.