Eyetv tv guide not updating

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Eyetv tv guide not updating - virtual dating sim games

If you have any technical problems contact Ice TV Customer Service.

Eye TV 3.1 has a separate, private connection to the TV Guide database, to provide a Program Guide.

This will let you acquire the correct channel list. Solution: While Eye TV is running, visit the Eye TV Menu, and select Check For Updates.

That will allow you to download the latest Eye TV software, which may help with your problem.

Visit the Channels section, and select your Service at the bottom of the window.

Then, press the Auto Tune button to scan for channels.

Move the Eye TV application to the trash, and install it again.

You should also try to erase the four Eye TV Preference files, starting with com.elgato.If none of these steps help, then please contact Geniatech Technical Support for further troubleshooting.You can visit Geniatech Technical Support to report your problem.You can access the Setup Assistant from the Help menu, or the Eye TV menu.See this article for more information: How do I use TV Guide with Eye TV?If the Program Guide does not update as expected, you can Auto Tuneagain via the Channels section of the Eye TV Programs window.

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