Eliza dusku dating

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Eliza dusku dating

Dushku was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, the daughter of Philip Richard George Dushku, an administrator and teacher in the Boston Public Schools, and Judith Ann "Judy" Dushku (née Rasmussen), a political science professor.

(Photo Credit: Getty) The 6-foot-7 former basketball star was married to actress Vanessa Williams for nearly five years.

She had dated former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny in 2007.

They dissolved their relationship in 2008 but in February 2009, she announced on the Howard Stern radio show that they had broken up. Seth is an American producer, actor, cartoonist and singer.

After completing high school, Dushku returned to acting with the role of Faith Lehane on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a Slayer much more troubled than the main character Buffy Summers.

Though initially planned as a five-episode role, the character became so popular that she stayed on for the whole third season and returned for a two-part appearance in season four, after which the remainder of her original story arc was played out as part of the first season of the Buffy spin-off series Angel.

Seth is an American producer, actor, cartoonist and singer. At that time it was not confirmed her broke up with Brad Penny.

Edit She is quite smarter in keeping her private life secret so it is difficult to say that when she broke up with Seth Mac Farlane but according to sources it was in 2009 when the couple called of their relationship by their mutual understanding.Edit Eliza began dating with Rick Fox in October 2009. In august 2010, they confirmed that they were living together.Rick Fox is former professional basketball player, film and television actor. Edit Talented and beautiful actress, Eliza Dushku became ambassador for Consumer Electronics Show for 2012.They were spotted in many places together but they called off their relationship.After that Eliza began dating with Rick Fox in October 2009.She also visited the Albanian Community in Kosovo and got an Albanian Eagle tattooed on the back of her neck.

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