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However, my Christian sisters, this issue is not about playing the odds or finagling your circumstances.SEE ALSO: Single Christians Inquire Within: Attitude Check for the Church It comes down to obedience.

Worldly wisdom may offer you 15 steps to acting like a dumb girl so you can get attention, but godly wisdom says a righteous person acts with integrity (Proverbs 20:7, Psalm 101:2).

" and get a myriad of studies, statistics and news stories on the subject from secular sources.

You can even find out which cities give single women better odds of meeting single men.

4 things to consider regarding your educational path At the end of the day, we each must discern the will of the Lord for our lives as best as we can and then live in obedience with him as his servants (Galatians ).

SEE ALSO: Navigating the Ebb and Flow of Friendships When You’re Single Ladies, that doesn't mean we do whatever we want and just tell people, "God told me so." Be careful what you attribute to the leading of the Lord. If you think the Lord may be leading you down a certain educational path and have sought godly advice on the matter, then walk in obedience down that path.

When you choose an educational track based more on what a "some guy" in the future may think over the clear leading of the Lord, you have made a human being more important than God.

In fact, we are commanded to love the Lord with all of our mind (Luke ).One quick disclaimer: My thoughts here are directed specifically to my single sisters.I want us to think through the wisdom in God's Word regarding the matter of your education and a possible future spouse.I love what Marian Jordan said in her book "As a single girl, there are two truths that I must hold in balance in order to be content. Biblical, a blog of Southwestern Seminary.First, God created me for relationship, so my desire for a husband is not wrong; it is good. 1 Corinthians -35 says that your time of singleness allows you to be devoted to the Lord without distraction.

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