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How do you put anxious and nearly naked actors at ease?

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We kept saying, “Let’s get more absurd,” because we had the safety of knowing it would be ridiculously funny.In the film’s first scene, Annie (Kristen Wiig) hooks up with handsome, douchey Ted (Jon Hamm), and they’re not exactly on the same wavelength.“Cup my balls,” Ted orders her, before eventually bouncing Annie from bed: “I really want you to leave,” he admits, “but I don’t know how to say it without sounding like a dick.” No one is less comfortable with doing a sex scene than me, and that’s why I knew the only way we could do this is by doing a funny one.I literally go through every single thing that they do to each other, from “He kisses her here” or “She takes off her underwear” down to “He ejaculates inside of her.” But at the top of the page, right before the sex scene, there was this big disclaimer in bold print and underlined: “You will not see any nudity during this scene.” So while you were reading something that was basically porn, you had been told right up top that there was no nudity.The reason I did that is because I knew it was never going to get as intense as what it said on the page, but I needed actors who were sort of almost willing to do that.This one woman in particular was in the middle of the audition, trying to do these lines, and having a hard time.

She stopped, put down the script, and told me, “Look, let’s be clear: I don’t act, I just fuck.” Jenji Kohan made a T-shirt for me that says that. After 13-year-old Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood) becomes friends with her cool classmate Evie (Nikki Reed), she’s introduced to a wild new world of drugs, shoplifting, and sexual experimentation. The welfare worker and their parents will be there.” Nikki and Evan were laughing and trying to put him at ease, and I said, “Listen, I believe in rehearsal for everything and we’re not going to be there on the day not having rehearsed this …And when it comes to the MPAA — the shadowy ratings board that slaps a restrictive rating on the slightest thrust — what sort of double standards are at play?We surveyed ten directors for their own funny, intriguing, and illuminating stories of how they made onscreen lovemaking work.When I got the script, I told Jenji Kohan, the showrunner, “I’m so uncomfortable, I can’t possibly cast regular actors for this.If we’re gonna do it, we have to hire real porn stars.” She said that was okay, so we got to have acting auditions with porn stars, which is so fantastic because they are wonderful, funny people.And what was really important to me about these characters was to say, “No, this is the kind of fucking they do.