Democrat dating republican

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Democrat dating republican - dating a scorpio female

In other words, Republicans are increasingly similar to one another psychologically, and so are Democrats—even as the two groups are also increasingly .And therefore, the differences between Democrats and Republicans are not just ideological—they are deeply rooted in personality, values, and psychological needs.

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* at least for long-term relationships (Amodio & Showers, 2005) References Amodio, D.

And there was much fulminating about why--assuming the survey data are correct--this might be the case. First of all, the parties are clearly much more polarized than before.

So partisans on both sides simply feel more negatively about one another than they did in, say, 1970.

They aren't really thought out or rational—rather, they are at the very core of our beings.

This is the broad consequence of what is called Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” which gradually picked off Southern and Sun Belt states for the GOP, and moved many longtime loyal Democrats into the Republican column.

As political scientists Marc Hetherington and Jonathan Weiler have shown, this has led to the parties being increasingly split over something called psychological authoritarianism.

Republicans are increasingly authoritarian—craving certainty, inclined to view the world in black and white terms, you’re either with me or you’re against me—and Democrats are increasingly the opposite.

Or, couples might come to share a political leaning after they get together; given the age-related trends, it’s possible a strongly identified young Democrat or Republican, for example, might shift a spouse who loosely identifies with a different party towards his or her favored party as the years go by.

As for the mixed-party couples, maybe the individuals in these couples aren’t strongly tied to their parties so that it isn’t really something they talk about, think about, or care about. ‘Similarity breeds liking’ revisited: The moderating role of commitment.

Their goal was to look at the rates of inter-party marriages and to describe them and then they examined how these marriages affected voting behavior.

How often do Democrats and Republicans get married?

Of that 30% (which includes registered Independents), only 9% of marriages were Democratic-Republican.

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