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We realized that we weren't going to be together again until we started rehearsing for the tour because we're all from different cities, at which point it would be too late to do a music video.So, we just got all gung-ho and decided that we were going to make a video that night.

I wanted to go to that gas station attendant and tell them that I would never do that again a whole year later.

Our live show was more fun than our records, so we wanted to make our records more fun. So far for me, making music videos is one of the most fun parts about being in a band.

The way that all came about was just to add more guitar in that kind of bluesy rock feel. The most fun things would be international travel, getting to hang out with your best buds, playing a live show, and making music videos.

First off, can you tell me what was behind the song "Blood Pressure"? I was raised in a small town right in the middle of America, but there were these movements.

DK: I'm very thankful for and proud of the song "In No Time," which is the last song on the record.

I have to say that it, more than anything we've ever done, happens to be a good record of how we feel right now.

I'm sure as a band, we're all in different places in ways, but there is this sense of retreat from pessimism.It's certainly a cop out to let somebody do all of your thinking and believing for you, but I've decided at this point in my life that it's also a cop out to just pretend like it's all stupid.You know, when you're a little kid and you lose a game so you just kick the game over and say, "This is stupid"? Either of those is a cop out, so I'm frustrated right now.We were at Warner Bros., we had just played a concert at The Troubadour, and we had a day of interviews.In the evening, we were just going to celebrate that our album was coming out and just have a meal.By the time I got there, there was a woman behind the counter and the gas station had completely changed owners, but I did it anyway. She was sweet and she said, "Hun, we don't carry those magazines anymore. After football, we were all waiting for our parents to pick us up and he got a cigarette lighter and put it on the back of my neck--just singed the back of my neck.

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