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I was your typical AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) ..couldn't pick up a woman if she threw herself at me, so I had my work cut out to say the least. Not at all like the attractive women I wanted to date. Then, all I'd have to do is wait for the women to e-mail me back, send me their phone number so that we can talk on the phone, get to know each other -- and then go out on a date. I sent out dozens of messages -- and then dozens more -- thinking that would cause at least one of them to e-mail me back. Well, it doesn't take a genius to realize that when you don't get a reply to your e-mail, you're a long, long way from getting a date -- and even farther away from having an intimate relationship with a woman. Quite frankly, I was shocked and dismayed by this revelation because I had already pinned my hopes on these dating sites.

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Typically, she'll start mass deleting the emails and unless your email contains SOMETHING that grabs her attention, yours gets deleted as well. But I was determined NOT to have to face the 'old-fashioned' way of meeting women again -- in clubs, bars, social events, etc. I decided to use a strategy that no one had ever used before... Because I'm a direct response marketer by profession, I decided to take a "scientific approach" to online dating.

If you find that hard to believe, I don't blame you.

Even I find it hard to believe sometimes -- except that it really DID happen to me.

They are offered exclusively to members of David's Free Dating Advice Newsletter, which you can sign up for at Double Your Advanced Dating Techniques Approaching Women and Starting Conversations Attraction Isn't a Choice Meeting Women in Bars & Clubs (and Other Public Places) 77 Laws of Success with Women & Dating Deep Inner Game Interviews with Dating Gurus Body Language For Success with Women and Dating Mastery With Women and Dating Cocky Comedy and Other Conversation Skills Meeting Women Online Power Sexuality - Secrets of Sex, Confidence, & Charisma Sexual Communication Success Stories Click Here to visit the Official Website of David De Angelo Double Your Dating | Magic of Making Up | Mind Of Mystery | The Mystery Method | Venusian Arts Handbook | The Game | Guy Gets Girl | PUA Training | Insider Internet Dating | Art of Approaching | Project Hollywood Formula | Venusian Arts Revelation | How To Be Irresistable To Women | Badboy Lifestyle | The Mystery Method's | Style Life Academy | How To Become An Alpha Male | All About Women | High Status Male | Conversation King | Style's Annihilation Method | A Better Way To Date | 300 Creative Dates | How To Be a Lady Killer | How To Be Irresistable To Men | Catch Him and Keep Him | Review of "Love Is In The Stars" | Style Life Academy | David De Angelo | Mystery | Neil Strauss (Style) | Swinggcat | Joseph Matthews (Thundercat) | Dave M | Hypnotica | Gambler | Steve Piccus © 2005-2009, product images copyright their respective owners.

ould you believe it if I told you that in the last 4 years, I've received over 5,745 e-mails from women, got 4,234 of them to give me their phone number -- and went on a total of 398 dates with them as a result?

David De Angelo released a great collection of courses that help our fellow man attract quality women.

I’ve been through many of his courses and they are definitely not the usual “pick up” line type of information.

I believe that by going through David De Angelo’s material on inner game, it helps you become a stronger, confident and grounded man which also attracts women too.

Enter The Mind Of Mystery Magic of Making Up Double Your Dating Project Hollywood Formula The Game Art of Approaching Insider Internet Dating Style's Annihilation Method Style Life Academy Venusian Arts Mind of Mystery Badboy Lifestyle Guy Gets Girl PUA Training Venusian Arts Revelation How To Be Irresistible To Women The Magic Of Making Up How To Become An Alpha Male All About Women High Status Male Conversation King A Better Way To Date 300 Creative Dates How To Be a Lady Killer Mystery Method's David De Angelo, author of Double Your Dating - the hugely popular dating advice ebook for men - has established himself not just as a guru in the dating game, but a downright legend.

[States 65% of their members are female] Women have a virtual buffet of men to choose from -- while men have to scramble for whatever scraps they can get.

If you think women get hit on a lot at bars and clubs, man ..haven't seen anything... Without going out on too much of a limb, It's not uncommon for women to get 50-100 emails a DAY from just about every type of guy imaginable.

These advanced series include everything from special guides (such as online dating), interviews with other gurus, as well as many additional guides, DVD and CD series that take the material from Double Your Dating an extra few steps.

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