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"He may be trying to look good for a new love interest or keep up physically with a younger woman.

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"If your partner becomes elusive about his whereabouts, something's probably going on," says Tony De Lorenzo, owner of All State Investigations and coauthor of . "The computer screen changing when you walk into the room, hushed telephone conversations or calls taken outside, strange body language when in the company of the new gal at work, reluctance to take you places with him and his friends, and general unexplained behavior that feels suspicious, are all clues that your partner is straying," says Manette.

"Likewise, if he holds back the warm and fuzzies (i.e.

he stops saying 'I love you,' no longer holds your hand in public or barely hugs you anymore), he could be cutting off his feelings of affection for you, so he can focus on his new partner without feeling as guilty," says Dr. Guilt-ridden behavior is a dead giveaway that your partner is hiding something.

If your husband starts transforming into a different man, it may be more than a mid-life crisis, warns Manette.

"A man who drastically alters his clothing style, appearance or body shape for no apparent reason may be having an affair.

Most people simply can't handle the guilt of cheating, so they create space.

[]; { //open / close the menu via button partial: "Partial Top Navigation", context Selector: ".His Attitude Towards You Dramatically Changes Changes in his mood can point to more than just stressful times at work.

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