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Dating usa east asia dating - dating good idea

Another category that has not gotten much attention is dating apps.

We have written many times on how Instagram stories cannibalizes Snap Chat by taking away its unique selling point; it seems that Beetalk’s features such as Flip, Shake or Whisper might be doing the same to Tinder.

Beetalk has had remarkable success in its home country Taiwan and is expanding overseas.

In Thailand, for instance, Beetalk ranked as the most popular dating app with an average ranking of 31st while Tinder has been locked into its 151th position.

Lastly, Tinder is shut out of China because it requires Facebook to verify its users, which is also blocked off in the country.

However, Tinder’s identical copy cat, Tantan, has filled the fast growing demand for dating apps in China, with a monthly high rank of 47th in March before falling to 80th in April in the overall download ranking.

Match Group tried to penetrate the Japanese market by acquiring Pairs which certainly has been successful.

However, rankings for both Pairs and Tinder, sitting at a monthly ranking of 486th and 492nd respectively, have lagged behind Taple Birth's ranking of 316th.

However, Tinder’s marketing efforts in India to change dating norms may have made it easier for new entrants to grow quickly as well.

For instance, Flirty Desires and Hookups Finder have edged closer and closer since the beginning of the year.

China also has its own pioneering dating app called Momo which was released a year before Tinder did, which ranks right below Tantan at 85th as of April.

Tinder is owned by a company called Match Group, who owns a series of major online dating services in the US and in other countries.

Nevertheless, Tinder maintained its top spot in the market with an average download ranking of 69th, compared to 108th by Flirty Desires and 161 by Hookups Finder.

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