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The MLA had expressed concern at her report that her welfare had been a low priority for officers.“Her comment was alarming to me, that police had not treated her as a victim, but as a source of information,” he said.

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But yesterday Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris told the Stormont Justice Committee they had changed their mind and now had no opposition to criminalising buyers, specified in clause 6 of The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Further Provisions and Support for Victims) Bill.“Now, five months into the NCA, we can start to really see where cracks are opening up and we are really very hopeful that we can get accountability issues resolved because we are missing out on the operational assistance that the NCA can bring,” he said.

The number of human trafficking cases in Northern Ireland has more than doubled in the past year.

Asked if the PSNI considered it significant that the only two organisations providing frontline support to women in the local sex trade both backed criminalisation of buyers, Mr Harris said they had changed their view after considering evidence presented by such witnesses, including Women’s Aid and a range of professionals and non-governmental organisations.

“On clause six no, we have no opposition,” Mr Harris said, although he said they still had some concerns about possible unintended consequences of the law.

But he insisted that their approach is victim-centred.“We would rather have an investigation fail” than fail a victim, he said.

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