Dating seth thomas clock movement

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Dating seth thomas clock movement

Although he was a good businessman, Thomas was not on the cutting edge of clock development.Nor did his company come out with any new case designs or radically new movement designs.

Only when the new, cheap brass movements became so popular that Thomas was at risk of losing his customers, did he finally change his method of production.

In 1852, Thomas built a brass-rolling mill which was incorporated as the Thomas Manufacturing Company.

By 1860, it was producing over 170 tons of brass and German silver annually.

This area of western Connecticut was a busy center for the manufacture of wooden clockworks at the time Seth Thomas was growing up, so it is no surprise that he would work in this industry as a young man.

He was apprenticed to a joiner, Daniel Tuttle, at the age of 14.

Seth Thomas was a good businessman and managed to build a solid and profitable company that turned out many quality clocks.

He also had the good financial sense to diversify his holdings.

Around 1818, Thomas began making Terry’s wooden movement pillar and scroll clocks, paying a $.50 royalty to Terry for each clock made.

In 1822, Terry accepted 00 in lieu of the aforementioned royalty.

After fulfilling this agreement, Terry sold the clock shop to Thomas and Hoadley for 00 on July 7, 1810.

Three years later on December 4, 1813, Thomas sold out to Hoadley for 00 and purchased another clock factory from Herman Clark.

For reasons unknown, Thomas began making Terry’s ’new improved’ shelf clock which caused Terry to sue Thomas in 1827; although no financial award was given to Terry.

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