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Glaze may be applied by dusting the unfired composition over the ware or by spraying, dipping, trailing or brushing on a thin slurry composed of the unfired glaze and water.

It is only after firing that the article or material is pottery.Because of its inherent limitations, throwing can only be used to create wares with radial symmetry on a vertical axis.These can then be altered by impressing, bulging, carving, fluting, and incising.In addition to the potter's hands these techniques can use tools, including paddles, anvils & ribs, and those specifically for cutting or piercing such as knives, fluting tools, needle tools and wires.Thrown pieces can be further modified by the attachment of handles, lids, feet and spouts.Other mineral compounds in the clay may act as fluxes which lower the vitrification temperature of bodies.

Following is a list of different types of clay used for pottery.Both the maximum temperature and the duration of firing influences the final characteristics of the ceramic.Thus, the maximum temperature within a kiln is often held constant for a period of time to soak the wares to produce the maturity required in the body of the wares.In all cases, the object of firing is to permanently harden the wares and the firing regime must be appropriate to the materials used to make them.As a rough guide, modern earthenwares are normally fired at temperatures in the range of about 1,000°C (1,830 °F) to 1,200 °C (2,190 °F); stonewares at between about 1,100 °C (2,010 °F) to 1,300 °C (2,370 °F); and porcelains at between about 1,200 °C (2,190 °F) to 1,400 °C (2,550 °F).In lower-fired pottery, the changes include sintering, the fusing together of coarser particles in the body at their points of contact with each other.

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