Dating old quilts

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Dating old quilts

One feed-company promotion was a contest for the best-dressed chicken.Nixon's Feedsack Secrets is a colorful, fun and fascinating ride through a great period of American fabric history.

Feedsack Secrets: Fashion from Hard Times The poverty of the Depression and fabric shortages during World War II made feedsacks highly important to the quilter during the 1930s and 1940s.

This unusual book enriches the history and appreciation of the quilt as art. The book offers an overview of textiles in America, based on years of research, that is unmatched in scope.

Imported textiles played a central role in the lives of American colonists.

This was a great experience and you truly delivered! Lisa, PA""I am very happy with the way my quilt turned out. It was easy to follow the directions to lay out and prepare the clothing items.

I received regular emails updating the status of my quilt. Shelly, MI""Thank you so much for all your effort in making the quilt to my specifications!

In compiling Carrie Hall's Blocks, Havig has made Hall's collection accessible to the modern quilter.

Improved before it was even released, this book now has 205 pages showing over 1,000 color swatches to help you recognize, identify and date vintage American fabrics as used in quilts and clothing.

"Quilting News of Yesteryear: A Thousand Pieces and Counting" is a hard cover book featuring over three hundred newspaper articles about quilts dating from 1834 to 1934.

The subject is quilts made with thousands of pieces.

The quality of the work and the ease of contact with the company, the clarity of the process and the quick turn around time. My quilt is now filled with memories which I can revisit when I see it. I'm already collecting my Firefly shirts to get another quilt for Christmas - Leslie, NY""Ordered 3 yrs ago for hs grad gift for my 1st child. Will order again in 2 years for 3rd and final child graduation! Korey/Pennsylvania""I have yet to give my son his quilt for graduation but can't wait to see the look on his face! I can't tell you how many compliments I have received!

I will be calling again to have one made for my daughter next year. Your customer service is top notch, and I truly appreciate the production details you provided as the quilt was in production.

The fascinating text is illustrated with quilts that are contemporary to the source articles.

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