Dating namibian

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Dating namibian - dating dental nurse

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Erika: Namibians are very religious and largely disapprove of homosexual relationships.

Erika: Women in Namibia legally have many of the same rights as men, but society still holds different expectations for them.

As in many other places around the world, women are often quite educated, but end up giving up their careers in order to be housewives and to take care of the children.

They may be difficult to come by in villages and smaller clinics.

Erika: If you are looking to date a local, finding a someone to fulfill that desire should be quite easy–especially if you are a white western woman.

However, there are many things you should be aware of before diving headfirst into a relationship.

Namibia has the highest rate of income inequality in the world, and this division is largely split down racial lines.Erika: It is difficult to classify “typical” Namibian men, but most that I have encountered have been very forward and aggressive.Namibian men are not afraid to tell you they love you (even if you’ve never met) and ask for your hand in marriage.As a westerner, I often pride myself in my ability to act independently of men and believe wholeheartedly that women are just as capable as men.I find many Namibian women appear to be quite accepting of their inferior role in society and are quite submissive to men.Most men still expect women to do all the cooking, cleaning and washing.